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On the site:
– exclusive interviews and photographic materials
– daily news of high life;
– unique information about the stars – dossiers and little-known facts;
– photo reports about the brightest events of the social life of Kiev, Ukraine and abroad;
– interactive projects and promotions for visitors with many gifts;

TEBREE. Is an independent online publication for millennials about fashion, beauty, culture, travel, media and important trends in modern society. We work for those who, like us, are interested not only in tracking new trends, but also in trying to understand the social significance of what is happening in all these areas. We selectively highlight, form and comment on the agenda for our readers, choosing the most important from the huge information flow, and constantly involve experts in the discussion of the current agenda.

TEBREE. gives all the information you need to form your own opinion, combining visionary stories and practical recommendations. We consider it important to look for new talents in all spheres and present them to Russian and international audiences. We believe that intelligence is always accompanied by a striving for harmonious visual aesthetics, and we implement this principle in our work.

TEBREE. Is a project founded in 2020


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