Why Players Can’t Get OSRS GP From Quest Speedrunning

Why Players Can’t Get OSRS GP From Quest Speedrunning

Quest speedrunning is a new game mode for Old School RuneScape, where you can replay some of the most iconic quests and battle against time.


If you’re bored of the regular grind in Old School RuneScape, you’ll soon be able to have a change while playing the game you love with another game mode addressed to a smaller category of players: Quest Speedrunning. However, you might be unable to turn the rewards into OSRS GP as they could have only a cosmetic value. Unlike other game modes—like the temporary Leagues game mode—where the tradable cosmetic upgrades can be sold on the GE and bring you some good OSRS gold for your main.


This results from the community’s feedback rather than what Jagex initially intended as the proposed rewards. You can only play this new and challenging game mode in members’ worlds, where you either have to pay for membership with cash or buy bonds from other players using OSRS gold.


The Planning Stage


Jagex is still polling whether the rewards will be tradeable as a means for you to add OSRS gold to your main or untradeable as a means for you to get a sense of accomplishment and uniqueness, as well as a potential addition to the collection log.


When the game mode gets released, you can speedrun five quests. Still, Jagex is planning on bringing even more quests to this game mode in the following months and then re-evaluate whether to keep it up, speed up the pace, or slow down based on the popularity of quest speedrunning.


Overview of How OSRS Quest Speedrunning Works


Similarly, to how other game modes like permanent Deadman or Leagues work, you won’t be able to access all game content you would typically be able to access in a normal game mode. For example, PvP minigames such as castle wars, LMS, PvP arena, or fight pits are disabled. You will be considered an ironman regardless of the account type you’re running in the normal game mode, and you will have the ironman inherently trade restrictions.


You won’t need to complete the tutorial or compete against any players in PvP, as PvP is disabled completely. Very specific to some other temporary game modes, but also encountered in the quest speedrunning game mode is that the teleport cooldown will pause on logout. If on the normal servers, you can log out and still have the teleport cooldown timer running as if you were logged in. With quest speedrunning, all teleport cooldowns such as minigame teleports or teleport to home will pause if you log out to prevent a manipulation or walk around of the final timers in which you manage to complete the quests.


Even more so, if you log out during a quest, a few seconds will be added to your total time again as a countermeasure against ill-intended manipulations. However, you will not need to compete with others on item spawns or shop stock because you will have player-specific ground OSRS items and infinite shop stock.


On the downside, if you accidentally sell an item to a shop, you won’t be able to get it back as the overstock is instantly deleted from the game. On top of these, there are a few other restrictions specific to this game mode, such as no XP gains. This is because of the crucial mechanics behind quest speedrunning that will automatically bring your stats and levels to a particular recommended level that will be the same for everyone to obtain a fair speed battle of who succeeds in finishing the quest faster with the same stats and unlocks.


Could There Be Anything Planned for the Graceful Outfit?


The graceful outfit is one of the most iconic sets of OSRS items players often use while questing to save on run energy and regenerate their run energy faster. It is a requirement for some quests because of its weight value. The quest speedrunning game mode will bring an adventurer’s outfit, which will also serve as a transmog for the most popular questing outfit.


However, even though Jagex chose to keep an open eye on ideas for further potential rewards, they refuse to give a definitive statement about new implementations in the game without evaluating the popularity of this new game mode.


This is to give themselves an easy way out instead of having to cancel promised content in the potential case in which quest speedrunning doesn’t manage to engage as many players as expected in the grind to obtain HiScores on how fast they complete quests.


Using the OSRS Special Interface


For this game mode, you will have a special interface or menu to check certain stats such as current Speedrun time, personal and global best times, the times required for each of the trophies, and unlocks and items.


You can also set up a certain Speedrun by choosing the quest and other variables, such as items. You will also be able to cancel a quest should you mess up and you want to start over or in case you picked something you didn’t want.


Your stats and character will be fully reset to a specific quest pre-set before each run, and you’ll be given items specific to the initiated quest. These items might not necessarily be the quest items themselves but necessary items to obtain the quest items.


For example, you might be given a log to fletch a bow or a bar to smelt a weapon or armor. We don’t know yet whether you’d be given OSRS gold to be able to buy quest items directly from game shops, but that’s also a potential since for the Cook’s assistant quest, you can choose 100 OSRS gold coins, for Demon slayer 5000 coins, for Vampyre slayer 8000 GP, and DS 1 16000 OSRS GP.

Why Players Can’t Get OSRS GP From Quest Speedrunning
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