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Destiny 2’s Summer Solstice kicks off next week 2022

Destiny 2’s Summer Solstice kicks off next week 2022

This year’s Solstice event includes a new way to upgrade Armor, as well as an upgradeable event card system to track event-related activities and rewards.

The Destiny 2 Summer Solstice event kicks off on July 19, featuring a renewed European aerial zone activity, a new Armor upgrade system, and a new upgradable ‘Event Card’ system that sci-fi FPS. Works a bit for the game.

Bungie says the purpose of the event card system is to help players manage goals, which makes sense – it can be difficult to keep track of what you’re doing in Destiny 2, and Adding another layer of activity above can be a lot of common vendor bounties, search initiatives, and seasonal goals.

You can find the event card, which you can upgrade to 1,000 silver to get extra prizes, by talking to Eva Levante in the tower or accessing it in the menu of the Quests tab. – It will be accompanied by seasonal challenges. The tab card has a section for event challenges, event seals and titles, and upgraded event card rewards.

Completing the challenges will earn you Solstice-themed prizes and event tickets for the purchase of limited-time cosmetics during Solstice.

Even during Solstice, Bungee says the experience of upgrading the armor will be somewhat different. Solstice Armor can be enhanced with special new event currencies, including Silver Leo, Silver Ash, and Kundling. You earn Silver Leafs and Kindling by completing the challenges of the event, and when you complete the new Bone Firebush activity, Silver Leaves turn into Silver Ash.

Silver ash can then be used to re-roll armor figures in the mood screen, while kundling is used to upgrade your armor state roll capability. Each armor piece can be extended up to three times this way, but you only need to upgrade once per armor slot – all the Solstice Armor in this slot will benefit from the cost of burning.

As was the case last year, a complete upgrade with the burning of a piece of Solstice Armor will make it shine, and there are free and paid versions of Shine.

This week’s update to Bungie also states that there is a “big change” in Solstice EAZ activity at the event, but does not go into detail about what has changed – we just need to know that When will the event start on July 19?

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