The Silent Hill Elden Ring mod lets you become Pyramid Head

The Silent Hill Elden Ring mod lets you become Pyramid Head

FromSoftware’s open-world RPG game Elden Ring now lets you play as the legendary Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, replete with his enormous great knife.

With the release of a new Elden Ring mod, Silent Hill fans have a new method to bridge the gap in their knowledge of their favorite series. With the help of mod maker Tallmaget, FromSoftware’s open-world game may now feature one of gaming’s most infamous villains.

Crucible Tree helm and chest armor are replaced with Pyramid Head’s butcher’s clothing and, of course, the pyramid head in this RPG’s Elden Ring Pyramid Head mod. You may pick between a blood-spattered version and a newly cleaned (but still a touch dirty) version of the clothing.

It’s also worth noting that in place of the Troll Knight’s sword, your Elden Ring equivalent wields the huge knife that follows him around like a shadow. Caria Manor or the road to The Four Belfries is where you’ll find this weapon if you’re a fan of fighting the Troll Knights.

Because Elden Ring’s the Lands Between might be frightening, becoming one of the most well-known monsters in gaming may help you overcome your fear of its hazardous inhabitants. Tallmadge, the mod’s author, stresses the need of playing the game with “blood on” to enjoy the entire experience.

The Total Chaos Doom mod is being redone in Unreal Engine 5 to draw influence from the horror series Silent Hill if that’s what you’re searching for. If you’re looking for a different approach to the fantasy game Lands Between, take a look at our top Elden Ring setups for some inspiration.

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