The Fallout 76 datamine reveals bear masks and “Lord of the Rings” armor

The Fallout 76 datamine reveals bear masks and "Lord of the Rings" armor

 Fallout 76 datamine reveals: Fallout 76’s new addition, The Pitt, has been heavily mined for bear masks and weapon skins, as well as some Lord of the Rings-inspired power armor. According to a recent data mine of the game’s public test servers, the forthcoming Expeditions:

The Pitt addition for Fallout 76 appears to have some fantastic new weapon skins, “Lord of the Rings”-style power armor, and scary, rubber animal masks.

DSJ and MadDokGrot, two of the most notable Fallout data miners, released the items they had discovered on Twitter. These new components, skins, and textures will be available in The Pitt when it launches on September 10th according to DSJ. They’ve established a complete Imgur folder to exhibit them all. In addition, MadDokGrot has unearthed a number of new structures and weapons.

A new prefab with a large hole in the side rather than an actual entrance is on the way for those of you seeking that true, desolate style. Some of it is rather dry – any takers? – but your robot dog friend Fetch appears to be receiving new skins.

As well as a horrible pre-war costume and brand-new Flamer skins, there’s also a new interactive table that resembles a nuclear experiment box and requires you to slide your hands into the rubber gloves. This may be an outfit for the raiders or the cultists. Although we have no idea what it’s for just yet, it’s feasible that this may activate some sort of boost or status effect.

The Fallout 76 datamine reveals bear masks and "Lord of the Rings" armor
MadDokGrot has unearthed a trio of nightmarish animal masks – a bear, a rooster, and a gazelle – from their research. You can now utilize Fallout 76 to cosplay as Hotline Miami with just a letterman jacket and some pulsating vintage synth wave.

For those who aren’t afraid of white handprints, MadDokGrot characterizes this new power armor as “straight from Lord of the Rings” because it comes stamped with one.

We can’t help but think of Ghostface from Scream when we see him, especially with the protruding chin. It will be unleashed on Pittsburgh when Expeditions: The Pitt is released later this year.

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