Call of Duty: Warzone’s Roze skin is now invisible in the day

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Roze skin is now invisible in the day

Call of Duty: As a new skin, Violet Stealth is introduced in Warzone season 4, it makes opponents completely undetectable both day and night. There has been a lot of fantastic new content in Call of Duty: Warzone season 4, including Fortune’s Keep and gold keycards.

However, the new Violet Stealth skin for Roze, which has a quirk that causes players to become invisible even on daytime battlefields, is causing a lot of headaches.

When the original Roze was released, gamers complained that the all-black bodysuit – which even hides the wearer’s face – made them too difficult to see on nighttime and gloomy levels. With the addition of bright purple strip lights running down arms and wrists and illuminating the helmet, the new Violet Stealth skin, also known as Roze 3.0, seeks to remedy this.

The new Roze skin, on the other hand, appears to render wearers invisible once they are 50 to 60 meters away from your position, according to Charlie Intel.

Fishy McFish produced a video that purported to illustrate how the Roze skin fails to display correctly at roughly 50 meters, but then periodically flashes back into life when you modify your angle and range of vision. Until the player sporting the Roze skin starts moving again, the Roze skin seems to vanish completely.

This isn’t Warzone’s first appearance of an invisible skin bug. Season 1’s Awoken Francis skin would make players invisible save for a floating orange facemask, which was debuted back in January. While the bug was swiftly fixed, the invisibility problem persisted in other skins.

As of the 30th of June, a new patch for Raven Software’s Warzone fixed a number of collision detection and performance issues that had been reported. Another patch to address the Roze problem may be on its way shortly.

According to the latest Warzone skin news, we might expect to see a cute little number from one of the hackers in the near future.

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