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‘Dead By Daylight’ and ‘Stranger Things’ Chapter Return With New DLC

'Dead By Daylight' and 'Stranger Things' Chapter Return With New DLC

Recent rumors point to the possibility of another Dead by Daylight x Stranger Things chapter. We now have the following information.

With the introduction of Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, and the Demogorgon into the Fog, Dead by Daylight’s Stranger Things chapter has been one of its most successful to date, DLC was then taken from the game, and there was no word from devs about its return.
Some data miners have lately speculated that a new Stranger Things DLC with new characters may be coming to the game’s roster, including the well-known Leaks by Daylight.

Is Dead by Daylight bringing Stranger Things back?

The conclusion is that Stranger Things will return to the Dead by Daylight universe. In a late June 2022 disclosure on the DBDLeaks Twitter and the Leaks by Daylight website, this information was hinted at.

After the Stranger Things cooperation was canceled, Netflix reached out to Behavior with the idea of working together again.

‘Vecna’, a character from the ST Chapter, is part of this new material.

My thanks to @FNBRintel for reaching out to me on this.


'Dead By Daylight' and 'Stranger Things' Chapter Return With New DLC

— DBDLeaks (@LeaksDbd) June 26, 2022, June 26, 2022.
Netflix has been said to have approached Behaviour Interactive, the makers of Dead by Daylight, to seek potential partnerships.

Another Stranger Things cooperation with Netflix would not only bring back Nancy, Steve, the Demogorgon, and the Hawkins Lab map but also open up a new chapter. Accordingly, the original chapter will be back in December 2022.

Stranger Things DLC will include Vecna, the show’s primary adversary from Season 4, according to the source. In the event that Vecna showed up at Dead by Daylight, we’d probably label him as a serial murderer.

Although the leak said that there will be no new Survivors, it is probable that there will be new Survivors and a new murderer in the future.

It’s vital to keep in mind that this material is not official and is susceptible to change, just like any other leak. So, don’t take the lead for granted.

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