Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List July

Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List July

Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List July: You may play Dead by Daylight with a wide variety of enemies, therefore this tier list will help you select the finest ones.

Choosing a primary character in Dead by Daylight might be a challenge because there are 28 different murderers to pick from. Checking out a tier list will help you determine which murderers are most suited to your playstyle and which are the most effective versus experienced survivors.

Every one of the assassins in Dead by Daylight has been given their own ranking, and we’ve explained why.

Tiers of the Dead by Daylight killers

Killers are ranked from S to D in this tier list, with S being the highest-ranked and D being the lowest-ranked. We’ll go through each tier’s killers in great depth so you can get a sense of how they play.

The uppermost tier

In Dead by Daylight, the top-tier assassins are known as S Tier murderers. Even the finest competitive survivor teams may be decimated by these killers, but mastering them takes practice.

Assisting Personnel
The Spirit Is Plagued
The Assailant

Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List July

The Nurse may be a lethal weapon in the hands of an experienced Nurse player who knows how to go around the game’s basic rules. There are no limits to how far a Nurse player may travel because her teleportation ignores vaults and pallets, the only ways that survivors can acquire distance and escape from a pursuer.

A survivor can’t outrun the Blight since he’s so fast, but he’s also quite different from other killers, so it takes some practice to adapt to him. After learning him, though, players quickly notice that he is able to get hits around corners and tight loops where many others can’t.

The Spirit, like The Blight, is a rapid phaser. When she’s phasing, it’s impossible to see her. Her superhuman speed and near-impossible detect invisibility make her virtually unbeatable.

As the game’s strongest tunneler, the Executioner has the ability to use his ranged strike to pierce through barriers and deliver victims to the Cage of Atonement.

An instance of a Level

Powers that can assist the Tier Killer to win the contest in any way are tier killers Each of these killers has a distinct strength, but all of them are also fairly powerful across the board, allowing them to hold map pressure while getting pretty fast downs..

The Creator
The Witch
The Virus.
There are two of them.
The Oni is a Japanese deity.

It is possible for the Artist to employ her Crows of Torment to target survivors at practically any loop, leaving them with no escape route. On top of that, she can use her Crows to locate survivors all around the map, making her an excellent anti-loop weapon.

They may be used to pressure survivors during an unhook scenario; Victor and Charlotte can work together to down survivors and keep others off generators, gaining control of the match.

Survivors’ injuries give both the Oni and the Plague abilities that can quickly bring down their opponents, create pressure, and easily win bouts.


Most B-tier assassins are good at one thing but not so good at another. It’s possible that they’re good at slowing down generators during the battle, but they can’t manage to hit a survivor with a shot. Perhaps they have an instadeath ability, but their lack of mobility prevents them from taking advantage of it.

All of these B category killers have noticeable strengths and flaws, putting them in the centre of the list.

The dreadful nemesis
In the Dredge
The Hunter’s Wife
It’s a Cenobite!
The Cannibal is a terrifying creature.
It’s the Demogorgon, you know.
The hillbilly
Those who belong to the Legion

Nemesis, Cenobite and Demogorgon all have some kind of ranged attack, making them more feasible for securing a hit on surviving characters. The Lament Configuration and T-Virus slow down the Cenobite and The Nemesis, as well.

The Hillbilly and The Cannibal’s insta-death abilities also help them place in the B tier of characters. In addition to The Dredge, The Hillbilly also gains from his increased mobility thanks to him.

Feral Frenzy is a great matchup slowing for the Legion, but they struggle to hit downs.

Even though The Huntress’s ranged assault and hatchets are quite dependable, she lacks a significant amount of map pressure, which gives survivors time to finish building generators before she is dealt with completely.

Difficulty Level

It’s difficult to win trials against C-tier killers since they take a long time to build up their power.

Due to their lack of anti-loop skills, other killers find themselves in this lower rung.

The Face of Death
A Look at the Form
The Con Artist
The Onryo is the name of the game.
The Assaulter of Souls
The Requiem
The Laughing Clown

Despite their ability to instantly take down victims, both The Ghost Face and The Shape are lousy assassins when it comes to long-term strategy.

Because of her mobility and lack of anti-loop, the Onryo is vulnerable to looping by experienced survivors.

Overall, the Nightmare’s kit is underwhelming, as he doesn’t excel in any one area despite his many talents. The Clown, on the other hand, has only a sliver of anti-loop with his bottles to aid him in the battle.

However, The Doctor’s anti-loop is nothing to write home about, making it difficult for him to win games. So, he’s now ranked C.

Because of his vast fear radius, the Deathslinger’s assault may be readily evaded by the use of jukes, which can also be used to evade the Deathslinger. As a whole, The Deathslinger is far less potent than he formerly was.

With its ranged strike, the Trickster has a wide variety of success rates, from a few seconds to nearly a whole minute. He has a hard time dealing with powerful survivors because of his lack of map pressure and mobility.


Even D-tier assassins may do well against powerful survivors, although these killers typically rely on the support of perks, offers, and add-ons to help them succeed in their mission.

Loops can lengthen chases and give other survivors time to finish generators for D-tier murderers, whose powers do not assist them to capture survivors surrounding them.

The Wraith The Trapper

Any survivor who understands what they’re doing may simply evade and reset the bear traps set by the Trapper. The Trapper’s abilities are practically nonexistent if no one falls prey to his traps.

The Wraith gains a speed boost as he emerges from his cloak, but that’s all he possesses. Invisibility isn’t fooling most survivors, since they have access to Spine Chill and Premonition and can hear his snarling as he approaches.

Reverse Bear Traps on the Pig have the ability to slow down, but she isn’t given much else to work with in her kit Despite the name of her power, her Ambush lets survivors know it’s coming with a loud growl and a sluggish crouch. Because of these flaws, The Pig is a D-tier killer.

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