Hunt Showdown update 1.9 improves performance, audio, and balance

Hunt Showdown update 1.9 improves performance, audio, and balance

Hunt Showdown update 1.9: Matchmaking has been tweaked and audio quality has been improved in the PvPvE game as part of Hunt: Showdown version 1.9, which is now live on the test server. Some big – and perhaps contentious – changes are on the way to the bizarre west survival game Hunt: Showdown. Changes to weapon balance, spawning, matching, performance, audio systems, and more are now available on the Hunt: Showdown test server as part of Update 1.9.

One of the greatest upgrades in 1.9 is improvements to player mobility. Hunt: Showdown’s desync issues should be less of an issue now that Crytek has made some improvements to the game’s servers and clients.

Update 1.9 also offers several speed enhancements for both servers and clients. Disconnects should be less frequent now that Crytek says it has rectified many dedicated server issues and made other enhancements. In the game client, the developer claims it’s made performance changes that should fix certain stuttering issues and framerate decreases players have been noticing over the previous several months.

Even at a distance, the sound of gunfire can tell you whether it was fired indoors or out, according to the Hunt team, which is why they’re experimenting with different ways to improve the sound of a gunshot.

Hunt Showdown update 1.9 improves performance, audio, and balance

A possibly controversial change in patch 1.9 is the implementation of a ping limit of 225. In red, those servers are no longer accessible, although Crytek says it is striving to ensure that all gamers have access to at least one zone where they may play. Further, player groups will still be able to play together even if one or more members has a higher ping, but the game will tell the group that they may not have an optimum experience.

More significant changes can be found in the patch notes, which are accessible on Steam. On the DeSalle map, for example, there’s a new minimum distance of 110 meters between player spawns, and the length of a Bounty Hunt match has been decreased from 60 to 45 minutes.

There’s also a round of weapon balance, although you can presumably anticipate some modifications to this while the patch is on the Hunt: Showdown test server.

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