Ayaneo’s next gaming PC includes Steam Deck touchpads and a discrete GPU

Ayaneo's next gaming PC includes Steam Deck touchpads and a discrete GPU

Ayaneo’s next gaming PC: The Ayaneo Next 2 is yet another portable gaming PC with a 2022 release date, intending to be the first to employ a dedicated graphics card with Steam Deck touchpads.

When it comes to portable gaming computers, few businesses are as aggressive as Ayaneo, which has unveiled its seventh device of the year. Rather than depending on an APU’s integrated GPU, the Ayaneo Next 2 will include a standalone discrete graphics card. You could also see a familiar-looking, Steam Deck-inspired set of trackpads, too.

Inside, we may anticipate many configurations, such as an Intel Alder Lake CPU with a Radeon 6000 graphics card or AMD Ryzen gaming CPU and an Arc GPU. We don’t sure what models it’ll feature just yet, though. So far, the only thing we know is that the graphics card will be replaceable if you happen to discover another that fits.

During the unveiling, we can observe various improvements to the design. The analog sticks now incorporate lighting, which might come in useful if you’re playing in the dark. You can see an RGB strip around the rear, but this will definitely eat into your precious battery life. And there’s also a wheel attached to the bottom-right handle, which probably defaults to increasing the Windows volume but will hopefully be bindable.

A Windows handheld should run the most recent version of Microsoft’s operating system. If Ayano is indeed preparing the portable for Valve’s SteamOS and its certified Steam Deck games, then you may be able to dump Windows 11 once it is released.

Ayaneo's next gaming PC includes Steam Deck touchpads and a discrete GPU

Next two issues for Ayaneo

It’s tough to tell merely by glancing at a two-dimensional photo, but the gadget seems substantially bigger than its predecessors. Because of how well-received they were in our Steam Deck review, the touchpads are a nice addition to the gadget, although their placement is awkward. We won’t know until we get our hands on one precisely how comfy it’ll be, but thumbs ergonomically extend outward better than they do downwards.

A separate GPU implies that it no longer shares the memory with the CPU, and will consume more power as a result. Fingers crossed the greater size lends itself to a larger battery, else it could not be a terrific buddy on your trips.

The price is also a source of concern. The original Ayaneo Next contains double the CPU cores of the Steam Deck, but you can only get your hands on one if you’re ready to spend triple the cost. It’s worth remembering that this is the top, premium version in its complete range and there will be a cheap variant available for less than $300. Even still, expect a sticker price for the enthusiast version to be well over $1,000.

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