Next Monster Hunter Rise update adds storage and free wall-running

Next Monster Hunter Rise update adds storage and free wall-running

Monster Hunter Rise update: Monster Hunter Rise’s upcoming Sunbreak expansion will take up the bulk of the next patch, but the main game is also getting an upgrade.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to dive into Sunbreak or not; the next Monster Hunter Rise patch has several critical improvements and fixes. Update for Monster Hunter Rise will be available on June 30th along with the Sunbreak expansion and contains all the new features, mechanics, and bug fixes for both the basic game and Sunbreak.

Even if you haven’t purchased Sunbreak, this day-one update delivers much-needed improvements to your storage spaces for long-time monster hunters. In addition to the expansion of the item, equipment, decoration, and layered armor boxes, the boxes for buddy equipment and layered armors are receiving a little more room. You’ll also be able to lock talismans in your equipment box so that they don’t fall out of your possession.

The ability to wall-run without the need, to begin with, a wiredash is available to you regardless of the weapon you’re wielding, which makes following your prey much simpler.

Each weapon type now gets a new attack that combos out of the landing from a leap or fall in the base game as well. If you like to hunt with a bow and arrow, you’ll be happy to know that once this patch is released, all of your light bows, heavy bows, and glances will come pre-loaded with ammo.

The full list of changes may be seen in the official patch notes. All items indicated with a red ship icon will only be accessible to players who have purchased the Sunbreak DLC, as noted in the patch notes.

The patch is around 22 GB in size on Steam.

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