Warzone Season 4 SMG tier list – Best Submachine gun in COD

Warzone Season 4 SMG tier list - Best Submachine gun in COD

Warzone Season 4 SMG tier list: All of the submachine weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Pacific have been ranked from best to worst in our SMG Tier List.

The SMG meta in the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 is about to get a major shakeup according to a new patch. There are a number of weapons that are affected by seasonal patches, and that can affect which weapons are deemed the finest.
In the past, there have been major changes to the top-tier submachine gun list to force a new meta. Warzone Season 4 appears to have been focused on balancing the best characters, although nothing meta-breaking was done in the process. Since Vanguard and Caldera were introduced, some of the most well-balanced weapons have been available in the new season.

Tier list for submachine guns in Warzone Season 4 (2022)

New submachine guns have been introduced in the previous two seasons of Warzone Pacific. There have been several new SMGs in Warzone Season 4 that may be used in the Battle Royale, including the Marco 5. They all have a combination of close-quarters domination and mid-range damage capability that sets them apart from each other.

In the S-Tier level of Warzone Season 4, there is no doubt that the Marco 5 SMG is a weapon to keep an eye out for. To this day, weapons like the H4 Blixen and the MP40 remain wonderful in and of themselves. A sniper rifle or AR can be used with any of these.

The following is a description of each tier:

With so many weapons in this category, it’s no surprise that this tier is the most sought-after one. Until something better comes along, these are the options that most competitive players will stick to. They are virtually faultless.

At times, the distinction between A-Tier and S-Tier Submachine Guns is unclear. Top-tier weapons have an advantage over lower-tier weapons in terms of consistency and power when two players are equal.

In this section, you’ll discover the Submachine Guns in the B-Tier. These may still be put to good use, but only with the appropriate add-ons. A few unbalanced battles are to be expected.

In the C-tier, weapons begin to lose their quality. For the most part, they’re just for fun. However, spectacular moves can be made, but they are likely to lose many battles.

D-tier weapons should be avoided at all costs. Due to their inability to exert any influence, they are typically not enjoyable. They might be able to benefit from some perks.

It should be noted that the rankings in this list are based on the most recent patch of Warzone Pacific Season 4. The ultimate objective is to produce the most accurate meta-reflective tier list possible, although no two-tier lists will be exactly the same.

Submachine Guns of the S-Tier

  • MP-40
  • LAPA
  • PPSh-41 (Vanguard)
  • Armaguerra 43
  • H4 Blixen
  • UGR
  • Marco 5

Except for the inclusion of the Marco 5, the S-tier remains mostly unchanged. New weapon options like this one are wonderful in Caldera, but two other weapons have undergone big adjustments as well. Armaguerra 43 and H4 Blixen both got plenty of love in this patch.

Close-range combat has been made easier for the Armaguerra 43, which appears to have received just minor improvements. H4 Blixen, on the other hand, had its dominance reduced little, although it remains an excellent SMG.

Submachine Guns of the A-Tier Class

  • LC10
  • MP7
  • Bullfrog
  • AK-74u
  • Type 100
  • Owen Gun
  • M1928
  • Sten

Prior to the Warzone Season 4 upgrade, this tier was almost identical. Some weapons, such as the MAC-10 and the Welgun, got minor modifications, although only one alteration could be made to each weapon. As far as I can tell, this is only for smaller weapons.

Submachine Guns of the B-Tier

  • Fennec
  • AUG
  • P90
  • CX-9
  • Tec-9

No major changes take place after B-Tier in Warzone Pacific Season. Although Caldera does not have the greatest SMGS, they can still be effective in some scenarios, like as a Fennec’s fast firing.

Submachine Guns of the D-Tier

  • ISO
  • Uzi
  • Nail Gun
  • KSP 45
  • Striker 45

These submachine weapons are amusing to use but completely worthless. There is no way they can win a fair battle against the S-Tier ranks, no matter how well-prepared they are. They’re both entertaining and aggravating in equal measure.

Now you know where every single SMG in Warzone Pacific Season 4 ranks (2022).

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