Diablo Immortal Helliquary Guide – How to get, Upgrade, Scoria

Diablo Immortal Helliquary Guide: In Diablo Immortal, the Helliqaury may be obtained and upgraded by locating Scoria.

The new Helliquary raid system is one of the most anticipated additions to Diablo immortal. If you’ve forgotten how to obtain the Helliquary in Diablo immortal or just want a reminder, this tutorial is for you.
We’ll go through how to get the Helliquary, as well as any further information you may need. On the subject of upgrading and finding and farming Scoria among other things.

Diablo Immortal: How to obtain the Helliquary

The Reliquary is a Diablo immortal raid system that can be unlocked after finishing the main narrative in Bilefen, which concludes with the player being banished to Westmarch. Deckard Cain’s Workshop and the Einfrinn Tree in the city must be visited in order to locate Rayek.

The Helliquary will be shown to you, and Chaos Herald Pyl will be assigned to your first Helliquary raid if you speak with him. After completing each Helliqaury raid, players will earn a unique gift called a Demoni Remain for their efforts.

Players’ battle rating is boosted when they obtain the Demonic Remains as a reward for finishing Helliqaury. To acquire this bonus, return to the Workshop and seal the Diablo Immortal Demonic Remains inside the Helliquary after defeating the monster.

Depending on the monster you beat, battle rating bonuses can vary greatly, with some only delivering a boost when players are inside a Challenge Rift or similar. Players may then enhance the Helliquary to raise its combat rating boost and unlock the ability to hunt down Wrathborne Demons from there.

In Diablo Immortal, how can you improve Helliquary?

The Hellfire Scoria is a consumable item in Diablo Immortal that can be obtained by bringing ordinary Scoria to Charsi the blacksmith, who will transform it for 100 gold. The Reliquary may be upgraded using this, but each time you do so, it will cost more Hellfire Scoria.

In Diablo Immortal, upgrading the Helliquary will let you store more Demonic Remains and improve the combat rating boosts you earn while storing them there. Finding the typical Scoria, on the other hand, may be difficult. Fortunately, there are a few methods to harvest it so that your Helliquary is always at maximum capacity.

In Diablo Immortal, where to find and harvest Scoria

There are now two ways to obtain Hellfire Scoria through farming standard Scoria. Scorias may be obtained using the daily fight pass, which gives you a new one each day.

In the second approach, you can get 10 Scoria if you complete the Helliquary Raid and beat the final boss. Players can wait for the bosses to respawn and re-challenge them at higher levels if they choose, but there is currently no alternative farming method for Scoria.

Raid bosses can be taken on in order to gain rewards like Scoria and Demonic Remains that can be used to upgrade the Helliquary.

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