Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch 6.0.2 – Fixes, updates,

Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch 6.0.2 - Fixes, updates,

Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch 6.0.2: Patch 6.0.2, issued in June 2022 by Dead by Daylight, includes updates for both The Dredge and the game’s fundamental gameplay features.

This allows Behaviour Interactive to ensure that they have addressed any significant or small issues that gamers may encounter in Dead by Daylight.
Because of the 6th-anniversary event in June and the recent release of The Dredge, a bugfix update for June 2022 is now available as part of Patch 6.0.2. You can see all the changes and fixes made in a recent Dead by Daylight patch in this section.

Patch 6.0.2: Dead by Daylight problem fix

Minor tweaks to The Dredge’s strength and adjustments for survivors and murderers, in general, were the emphasis of this bugfix release.


This is called a Dredge.
The Dredge’s Nightfall visibility has been reduced to a maximum of 20 meters (was 24 meters)
Survivors may now see each other at a distance of 54 meters farther during Nightfall (was 24 meters)
Resolved Issues

When starting an instructional bot match before the game has been fully downloaded, the game will crash. In the case of the consoles,
It has been fixed an issue that caused the DBD picture on the PS4 entrance screen to be off-center and missing the Dead by Daylight logo. The PlayStation 4 is the only platform that will support this.
The Calm Spirit perk description was incorrectly shown when the Pig’s Ambush Dash attack prompt was activated.
When the Dredge teleported between lockers, a problem was discovered that might have resulted in a decrease in performance.
While purifying at the Pool of Devotion, the Killer was unable to pick up survivors who had been knocked out.
Dredge’s camera was locked while shocked and teleported to a locker at the same time. This bug has been fixed.
After exiting a locker, the Dredge’s camera might become locked. This issue has been fixed.
The Dredge’s smoke VFX no longer appeared outside the locker when the player entered it.
During locker interruptions, the Dredge’s weapon seemed deformed.
Fixed a problem where certain Killer add-ons’ descriptions were missing sections in various languages.
Dredge’s Nightfall mode in the Autohaven Wreckers maps had a bug that caused severe lighting and environment flickering.
As wearing the Very Rare Twisted Plaything costume, pieces of the Dredge’s model were clipping into the camera when he was walking and looked up.
The Anniversary confetti and SFX were not playing on the little yellow generators in the Game and Raccoon City Police Department maps after the generators were completed. This has been fixed.
The Trapper and the Wraith’s weapons no longer snap into the wrong position when moving, thanks to this fix.
Male Survivors’ animations would shatter if they tried to break free of the Killer’s grip in any way.
The Dredge’s darkness was disrupted by a flickering light.
In the Coldwind Farm maps, two hooks were spawning next to each other.
Glyphs in The Pale Rose were spawning too high due to a bug.
A glyph in The Game’s map was rendered unavailable due to a bug.

Just two days before the Public Test Build, which will be released at 11 am ET (4 pm GMT) on Wednesday, 29th June, this bug repair patch has been released.
Dead by Daylight’s largest update yet, the new Public Test Build, will allow players to try out the prestige system, perk makeover, and other new features.

The fact that Behaviour has taken the effort to fix all of the game’s remaining issues before releasing such a substantial update is certainly a good omen. Players of Dead by Daylight have a lot to look forward to with this bugfix patch and the impending Public Test Build.

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