Call Of Duty Season 4 Revitalizes Zombies With Shi No Numa

Call Of Duty Season 4 Revitalizes Zombies With Shi No Numa

Call Of Duty Season 4: The restoration of the Shi No Numa map has helped Vanguard Zombies rediscover its footing.

Vanguard’s Zombies mode was trying to find its feet prior to Season 4 of Call of Duty because of a mix of new features and the transition to objective-based gameplay. Der Anfang reduced Zombies to a barebones experience, while the Terra Maledicta map only made it somewhat better, leaving the mode feeling like a hollow snoozefest. In addition to the lack of Zombies’ trademark bells and whistles, it was no longer a classic survival wave game. Season 4’s map, on the other hand, demonstrates the potential of Vanguard Zombies when some of the game’s characteristics are combined with a traditional ground-based battlefield.

Call of Duty: World at War, in which the mode first appeared, included Shi No Numa as downloadable content (DLC). Zombies were lot easier back when this map was launched, with no Easter eggs, Artifact powers, or even unique weapon load-outs to complicate things. Vanguard’s new plot and features make re-enacting Shi No Numa’s adventures much more enjoyable than before.

While restoring typical round-based gameplay to Shi No Numa, this version also brings back the map’s fabled Wunderwaffe DG-2 Wonder Weapon. This time around, Treyarch didn’t just leave us to chance when it came to collecting the Wonder Weapon but instead provided quest stages to help us manufacture our own DG-2 Wunderwaffe, and these steps are also interwoven into the map’s primary Easter egg quest.

Like the moment when you initially fire up the DG-2, Shi No Numa’s primary mission is almost as gratifying. Last year, Vanguard Zombies began with the Der Anfang map sans a primary mission, and then Terra Maledicta followed up with a very simplistic and unsatisfactory tale quest for the Terra Maledicta map. While Terra Maledicta’s Easter egg hunts were a step in the right direction by incorporating some more side Easter eggs, the quests still lacked complexity or spice to lend any repeat value to the map.

When compared to Terra Maledicta’s primary Easter egg, the main challenge of Shi No Numa’s main mission is far more difficult. Even so, most casual gamers shouldn’t have too much trouble with it. Players should have a good time with this one because it isn’t dull or tiresome. Treyarch appears to have made a concerted effort to make Shi No Numa’s quest appealing to both hardcore and casual players.

Unlike Vanguard Zombies, Shi No Numa contains vintage music Easter eggs, and other hidden tidbits to discover. Shi No Numa’s map has a lot of options, but none of them are required. The Altar of Covenant and the Tome of Rituals are welcome additions to the Zombies mode but may be ignored by traditionalists who prefer to stick with the game’s core gameplay. When the extraction option returns from previous maps, it provides players with a chance to terminate the match on their own terms, but it’s not something that players feel compelled to employ..”

Call Of Duty Season 4 Revitalizes Zombies With Shi No Numa

Shi No Numa is a great game, but this is a very fun map to play on. As an addition to Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode with more intriguing and worthwhile perk levels and abilities, Treyarch’s improved version of the map would have been even greater. Perk levels in Vanguard allow you to gain an additional 25 percent increase for each fountain’s specialized perk, but you can’t add any new skills to your character.

The addition of Vanguard’s most vexing opponent type, Zaballa the Deceiver, from the Terra Maledicta map is my only significant quibble. It’s not tough to take out this unusual opponent kind, but removing all three of her masks takes a long time. After round 15, Zaballa begins to appear often, and she reappears in practically every subsequent round. This occurs far too frequently, which causes a noticeable lag in the more difficult rounds. I know we’re stuck with Zaballa because of her connection to Shi No Numa’s primary mission, but I’m crossing my fingers that Treyarch can lessen Zaballa’s spawn frequencies.

Shi No Numa verifies that Zombies is more replayable and at its finest when the mode concentrates on maps intended as classic round-based survival. I admire Treyarch for attempting something different with Vanguard’s initial strategy. When Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak mode made its appearance in Black Ops 2, it was a side dish that let players to enjoy a more relaxed objective mode without detracting from the core experience.

Even if you didn’t like Vanguard’s first two Zombies maps, Shi No Numa is definitely worth the effort of building a Wunderwaffe DG-2 and venturing into the swamps.

If you’re new to the game, check out our entire Shi No Numa perk guide, as well as some general advice for surviving high rounds.

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