Apex Legends Mobile – Frontline Battalion Phase Heist

Apex Legends Mobile - Frontline Battalion Phase Heist

 Apex Legends Mobile: Up to four Eternal cosmetic skins may be won in this new event. In-store events for Apex Legends Mobile, like the Frontline Battalion Phase Heist, have begun. Players can choose from four distinct Eternal-tier decorative skins, each of which is unlocked through the game’s 18 different attainable rewards.

Unique features like moving skins and extremely detailed designs distinguish Eternal cosmetics, which are the rarest in Apex Mobile. Eternal skins for Bangalore, Caustic, the Triple Take, and Hemlock are all available to Frontline Battalion. Getting all four skins, though, isn’t as straightforward as it first appears. The new Phase Heist includes a tonne of treasure, and we’ve put together this guide to show you how to make the most of it.

Getting the ball rolling

You’ll see three splash screens when you open Apex Legends Mobile. Frontline Battalion’s event page will open if you click “Go!” on the splash screen announcing the event. Open the shop tab (found at the bottom right of the lobby screen) to see the “Featured” part of the store instead. You may locate an advertisement for Frontline Battalion by selecting “Emporium” from the list of categories on the right side of the store’s UI. Check out the new Phase Heist rules and cosmetics right now by clicking on the event’s home page link.

Chips that are in sync

There are six prizes to be won on the main event screen. Prizes may be obtained by purchasing reward boxes at the bottom of the screen. You may buy one box for 30 Syndicate Gold or six boxes for 180 Syndicate Gold to open them all at once. However, like with the Glacial Games Arsenal Drop, each gift box costs more than the previous one, thus this event may quickly get expensive. The pricing for each box is shown below.

If you want to purchase Syndicate Gold in boxes of one every round, these are the pricing.

  • Round #1: 30 SG
  • Round #2: 45 SG
  • Round #3: 90 SG
  • Round #4: 135 SG
  • Round #5: 180 SG
  • Round #6: 225 SG
  • Round #7: 270 SG
  • Round #8: 315 SG
  • Round #9: 360 SG
  • Round #10: 450 SG
  • Round #11: 550 SG
  • Round #12: 650 SG

These are the prices for each round if you purchase boxes in bundles of six:

  • Round #1: 160 SG
  • Round #2: 270 SG
  • Round #3: 540 SG
  • Round #4: 810 SG
  • Round #5: 1,080 SG
  • Round #6: 1,350 SG
  • Round #7: 1,620 SG
  • Round #8: 1,890 SG
  • Round #9: 2,160 SG
  • Round #10: 2,700 SG
  • Round #11: 3,300 SG
  • Round #12: 3,900 SG

The prizes in the Coordinate Chip pool include:

  • Flux
  • Challenge Cards (3)
  • Apex Pack
  • Coordinate Chip

Over the course of the game, the value of the awards is progressively increased. In the first round, for example, you may earn 50, 60, or 80 Flux (depending on whether you open boxes individually or six at a time). It’s possible that towards the end of the game, the Flux values will be 150, 180, and even 240! Replacement for Challenge Cards and Flux are Store Vault Tokens that may be used in the in-game store during rounds 10-12.

Getting a Coordinate Chip in every round is the point of the game, hence it’s preferable to open six boxes every round then one at a time in order to achieve this aim. To go inside the event’s Black Gold Vault and get a random Frontline Battalion cosmetic, you need Coordinate Chips. You’ll receive 12 Coordinate Chips and all 12 cosmetics by opening six boxes in each of the 12 rounds. For a total of 19,780 Syndicate Gold (approximately $198 USD), you can obtain all 12 skins in the Black Gold Vault by purchasing the six box bundles, although this isn’t guaranteed when you buy the boxes separately because the Coordinate Chip prize pool is reset after each round.

A Coordinate Chip is only 1.95 percent likely to be unlocked in a new round if you buy boxes on their own, but the other products in the Coordinate Chip pool (such as Apex Packs and Flux, etc.) have a combined probability of 19.61 percent.

The Vault of the Dark Gold

The Black Gold Vault’s premium cosmetics will be randomly assigned to you if you obtain a Coordinate Chip. The following are the initial odds of acquiring each type of cosmetic if boxes are opened one at a time:

  • Eternal legend skin: 0.2% chance for each of the two skins
  • Eternal weapon skin: 0.5% chance for each of the two skins
  • Legendary skydive emote: 6.1% chance for each of the two emotes
  • Legendary banner frame: 6.2% chance for each of the two frames
  • Epic banner pose: 18.5% chance for each of the two poses
  • Legendary emote: 18.5% chance for each of the two emotes

As for the cosmetics themselves, the Black Gold Vault contains the following 12 cosmetic items:

  • Eternal Flank Regiment Bangalore skin
  • Eternal Trench Soldier Caustic skin
  • Eternal Wasteland Watcher Triple Take skin
  • Eternal Cutting It Close Hemlock skin
  • Legendary Campfire Bangalore emote
  • Legendary Take Notes Caustic emote
  • Legendary Controlled Demolition Bangalore skydive emote
  • Legendary Chemtrails Caustic skydive emote
  • Legendary Weapon Check Bangalore banner frame
  • Legendary Corrosive Agent Caustic banner frame
  • Epic Never Forget Bangalore emote
  • Epic Devious Plan Caustic emote

You will earn an Eternal legend skin or an Eternal weapon skin if you haven’t obtained an Eternal-tier item by the seventh round from the Black Gold Vault (75 percent chance).

Before the 12th of July, players can participate in the Frontline Battalion Phase Heist event.

On both iOS and Android, Apex Legends Mobile can be downloaded and installed for free.

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