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How to get Mjolnir in Ark: Survival Evolved

How to get Mjolnir in Ark: Survival Evolved

Mjolnir in Ark: Fjord, the latest Ark: Survival Evolved DLC, includes the Mjolnir skin for the Mjolnir sword. Obtaining the hammer of the gods, Mjolnir, is a lengthy undertaking, as you would imagine. Although you could just use terminal commands to obtain the resources you want, why would you want to take the simple route? In order to get Mjolnir, you’ll first have to gather all of the necessary materials and, more importantly, slay all of the enemies you encounter.

In Ark: Survival Evolved, how can you get Mjolnir?

In order to use the Thor’s Hammer, you’ll need to be at least level 190 and have finished all boss battles that give ascensions in order to do so. Additionally, a Tek sword is required, but fortunately, all three of these requirements may be met as part of the Fjordur DLC.

The next step is to hunt out 200 Fjordur runes and a slew of runestones. Eliminating Alpha creatures will provide you access to Runestones. Once you’ve slain a few Alphas, you’ll be able to take on the three mini-bosses, which have the word in front of their names.

To where to look for the mini-boss

Runestones are required to summon mini-bosses in this area, thus it’s a bit of an ordeal to go through it. There is, of course, the option of using console commands, but we’ll get to that in a moment. you can call a trio of mini-bosses:

Skoll and Beyla were found via the Portal Cave at 20.5 37, utilising the centre terminal, while Steinbjorn and Haiti were located via the Portal Cave at 40 48.
Before taking on any of these mini-bosses, make sure you’re prepared with plenty of tames and cold-resistant clothes (like fur armour). Of course, you’ll need your strongest weaponry as well. The runestones and relics may be obtained after defeating the mini-boss and interacting with it.

The locations of the Fjordur Alpha bosses

You’ll face three more Alpha bosses, as well as Alpha Fenrir, in the final stages of these missions. There are terminals you may interact with when you arrive at the bosses’ locations that enable you to pick which variant of the boss you’d want to battle. If you wish to fight Fenrir and obtain Mjolnir, you must pick the Alpha version.

To create Fenrir’s gateway, you’ll need to gather three items dropped by the game’s bosses. The following locations are where you’ll locate each of the following bosses and their associated artefacts:

At 87 02, you’ll find the Dragon terminal. Artefacts such as Cunning, Immune, and Skylord can be found in various locations.
In the Broodmother cave at 59 64, you’ll find its terminal. Clever, Massive, and Hunter artefacts can all be discovered in this area.
At 56 84, you’ll find the Megapithecus terminal. There is a Devourer relic located at 03 04, Brute at 49.5 14, and Pack at 2157 in the game.
It’s time to make an Alpha Fenrir portal now that you have beaten all three posts in the quest. Make sure you’re ready before you enter the portal, as this combat isn’t anything out of the ordinary. You’ll be able to use the Mjolnir skin with the Tek sword engram after he’s defeated.

Commands for the Mjolnir console.

Taking the easy way out seems appealing, doesn’t it? Bring up the admin command bar by clicking the PC Tab button to acquire Mjolnir virtually immediately. Gfi Mjolnir 1 0 0 and hit the admin command button to enter the Gfi settings. Mjolnir will be waiting for you in your inventory when you return.

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