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Destiny 2 Full Patch Notes Update Arrives 2022

Destiny 2 Full Patch Notes Update Arrives 2022

Destiny 2 Full Patch Notes Update Arrives

Before September and Beyond Darkness arrive, we still have a year to experience Destiny Two. The pyramid is the exact location of the ships and planets during this year. When you’re fighting a storm, there’s a lot to do besides just bad.

The majority of the new features should be available by the end of this week, according to the release notes.


Patch notes for Destiny 2



The button prompt to get Revive will continue to be sent to X/Square even after you remap the input for Interact.

When canceling a slide hop, Warlocks and Titans will automatically leap after landing. This was fixed in the latest update.
A/Cross -> X/Square -> Vehicle Exit has been included to the default controller’s search for Vehicle Exit.
A bug that caused Hunters to crouch later while Dodging while using the Move Crouch feature was fixed.


Advanced Pyramid Focusing now rewards 150 Altered Elements instead of the previous 50, as indicated in the Triumph’s prize text.
As a way to help players increase their daily bounty, Banshee now selects six new weapon types to focus on each week—three main, one specialized, and too heavy—in order to do so.
Season of Arrivals now includes a stat tracker for tracking your season rank.
We have to get rid of the Emissary Whisperer’s Triumphant.


When using abilities or staying far away from Witherhoard, his missiles would appear randomly on the screen.
The direct strike damage of Witherhoard was mistakenly awakened when a player changed to The Mountaintop after implementing it. This issue has been fixed.

Switching between Sidearms no longer causes the Surprise Attack perk to be ineffective.


The Fencing Salute Emote no longer allowed players to leave their current location when used incorrectly.

“Hide Hints” settings were appearing as “Never Show Complete SteamID” instead of operating correctly, therefore we fixed this issue.

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