The next Total War: Warhammer 3 update will be released in June

The next Total War: Warhammer 3 update will be released in June

Warhammer 3 update: This month will see the release of update 1.3 for Total War: Warhammer 3, which will bring with it new regiments of renown as well as bug patches for the Realm of Chaos campaign.

We are looking forward to the release of the Immortal Empires sandbox campaign for Total War: Warhammer III, but it appears like there will be enough for us to do in the interim to hold us over until then. The contentious Realm of Chaos campaign in the strategy game Total War: Warhammer III will receive some much-needed improvements in the next update 1.3, which is scheduled for release on June 30. The patch will also include the addition of some new regiments of renown.

Update 1.3 will introduce seven new regiments of renown to Warhammer 3, with new elite troops going to each of the game’s playable factions. Creative Assembly has not yet revealed whose units these new regiments of renown will belong to, but they will be included. It will be the second elite unit pack released for Warhammer 3, and each of the core races will receive a new team of elite versions to enroll in their own campaigns.

The Realm of Chaos campaign, which has been the source of controversy ever since it was introduced, will also undergo some adjustments as a result of update 1.3. Modders have come in and given a means to completely disable the mechanisms of Realm of Chaos, allowing players to engage in a campaign that is more similar to the ones seen in typical sandbox games. However, Creative Assembly claims it is working on addressing some of the frustrating aspects of Realm of Chaos, and version 1.3 includes a prompt to teleport to the Forge of Souls anytime an opposing AI army does so that you can engage them in combat without having to constantly camp out at the Forge. The confrontation with the demon prince Be’lakor in the climactic battle has also been improved thanks to various changes that, according to CA, should make the combat “less time-consuming and painful.”

In addition, the realm of Tzeentch will undergo various revisions as a result of the next patch. You will no longer lose action points while dealing with sites of interest, and sigils will become visible if your army enters or quits a teleport locus. In addition, entering or exiting a teleport locus will no longer cause sigils to become visible. The last part of the realm is only accessible to AI armies when they have completed eight separate teleportation rituals.

You can read the comprehensive preview of the next patch over on Steam in the most recent dev blog post. The AI will not be able to employ Tzeentch’s Changing of the Ways as frequently since smaller factions will no longer have access to the feature, and the cooldown will be raised for the factions that can use it. Other positive adjustments are on the horizon as well.

It was always the intention of Creative Assembly that Cathayan lord Miao Ying would be able to use her “Eye of the Storm” skill when she is transformed into a dragon. This will now be the case.

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