The Stardew Valley mod lets NPCs visit you just like Animal Crossing

The Stardew Valley mod lets NPCs visit you just like Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing-like NPCs may now be summoned to your home in the Farmhouse Visits mod for Stardew Valley.

A long-requested feature has been added to Stardew Valley in the form of a new update that lets NPC pals come by and stay out at your farmhouse at random. This brings the farming sim closer to Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series.

With only yourself and the occasional scarecrow for the company at home after a long day in the field, Stardew Valley might be a lonely place to spend your free time after work. Mistyspring’s Farmhouse Visits, available for free on Nexus Mods, is an attempt to address this issue. Stardew Valley’s already amazing mod library is bolstered by this well-crafted and well-executed character and socializing mod.

The addition of Farmhouse Visits allows NPCs to stop by your house, offer you presents, and comment on your home’s construction and design. The frequency of their visits will be determined by how close you are to each other – the more hearts you have, the more visits you’ll get – but you can also customize how many visits you want per day, when they start and end, and even how “verbose” your visitors will be in their communication with you. It’s also possible to blacklist a person if they’re bothering you too much, and you won’t see them again. Even in the lovely paradise of Stardew Valley, there must be limits. I hope it never comes to that.

In Animal Crossing, Nintendo’s open-world agricultural adventure, you may show off your cherished possessions and adornments to your neighbors when they come over to your house. It’s long been a dream of Stardew lovers to witness something like this, and now they can thank to Farmhouse Visits and misty spring.

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