Diablo Immortal microtransactions have generated $24 million

Diablo Immortal microtransactions have generated $24 million

Diablo Immortal: Blizzard’s latest RPG, Diablo Immortal, has generated criticism for its runes, crests, and treasure boxes, earning Diablo Immortal $24 million in microtransactions in just two weeks.

Players in the United States and South Korea have spent the most money on Diablo Immortal microtransactions in the game’s first two weeks, generating $24 million USD in revenue.

Blizzard’s newest RPG has been downloaded more than five million times since its June 2 launch, according to data from industry tracking website AppMagic, and has rapidly risen to the developer’s second-highest mobile earner, behind only the almighty Hearthstone, which was launched in 2014.

US and South Korean players account for about half of Immortal’s revenue so far, with the former accounting for around 43% of that total and the latter for about 23% of that total. The United States and South Korea are also the two nations that have spent the most on microtransactions.

If you’re playing Diablo Immortal without paying in-game stuff, you may feel that you’re at a noticeable disadvantage because of the usage of microtransactions. Indicating the level of dissatisfaction with the game, Diablo Immortal now has a Metacritic user score of 0.3, the lowest ever recorded for a PC game.

Legendary gems, which are vital to complete Diablo Immortal’s late and endgame tasks, have also been found to be inconsistently awarded by the game. It has been discovered that the amount of in-game treasure a player may get in a single day has also been restricted, forcing players to log in and play every day if they want to get the most out of their time grinding endgame dungeons.”

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