Troy Beginner’s Guide – The Most Important Part

Troy Beginner's Guide - The Most Important Part

Troy Beginner’s Guide – The Most Important Part

New elements have been added to the turn-based strategy genre to bring it to a new level of depth and innovation.. A closer examination is in order.

How to win a political race

In this situation, there are two kinds of triumphs. Total triumph, which requires killing the first antagonist, destroying or capturing 100 cities, and gaining control of a few provinces, is a significantly easier (though lengthy) win.

Victory according to Homer, on the other hand, seems like a lot more fun. An epic quest for your chosen hero or faction must be completed first. It’s also imperative that you annihilate some of your rivals. Third, an additional, more unusual need must be satisfied. By way of example, Agamemnon is expected to rule at least 60% of the provinces that he is allocated.

The beginning of the conflict

In the course of the game, it is randomly selected. There are several elements to consider when making this decision, such as how you and the other contenders for the “title” of the first antagonist came to blows. It’s possible that you’ll encounter difficulties if the game selects the group that you must defeat in order to achieve “Victory by Homer.” A lengthy and difficult trip awaits you in this situation. The initial enemy will not be amenable to diplomacy. There is only one end to your encounter — either you or he will die.

Missions of epic proportions.

A list of tasks that must be fulfilled by your group in order to win the battle with Homer is provided below. Activation of the tasks occurs in a sequential fashion, albeit not necessarily immediately. As a result, in one scenario, the criteria for completing task number three are instantly visible after completing task number two, whereas in another scenario, the circumstances for accomplishing task number five must be revealed after five to ten moves have passed.

Sharing of resources

This time around, instead of focusing on gold, you’ll need food, wood, stone, and bronze as well as precious metals in order to win. Each resource has a specific function, yet they all serve a larger goal. You may learn about a settlement’s resource production by exploring it (look at the icons). Capture these enclaves and use the land for resource development.

With other factions, you can also trade resources. Furthermore, they may be used to finalize a wide range of agreements.

Classes of superheroes

There are various different classes of heroes in the game. There are at least two subclasses for each. To begin, here are the major classes:

Warlords are faction-boosting combatants with a wide range of abilities. Selecting the commander’s subclass and gaining level 5 might boost your maximum number of recruited units (by taking the desired perk).
Fighters engage in a close-quarters fight. Aiming to increase fury is the goal of the perks.
Intercessors — instigate violence in their adversaries. Improve their forces’ defense, endurance, and health.
Archers – have the ability to shoot from a distance and can also use melee weapons on occasion.

Troy Beginner’s Guide

Generals and agents are being leveled.

New abilities for the hero can be unlocked by pumping him up. And you’re usually always given the option to choose between two abilities. This is the case up to level 14, at which point just the hero’s overall level and stats are raised. 27 is the highest possible level.

There are gods and goddesses.

With divine will mechanics, you may win favor with the gods, who will reward you with a variety of benefits. Rebuilding temples, ordering prayers and hecatombs, hiring priestesses and Oracles, and so on are all ways to gain favor with the gods.

Aristea and Rage

During combat, your hero builds up a lot of wraths. As your fury level rises, you’ll be able to use more and more special powers. To Aristeus, at the end. You can only utilize this once every fight as your hero’s ultimate ability. This is a game-changing talent.


The Trojan horse is a term for rams, steps, and towers that can be used during a siege. An attacker has complete control over all of these resources. However, there is a way around this: You may sprint up to the gate and stand in the blind spots of the gate towers so that your hero isn’t harmed. Let him pound on the gates until he can get them down, and then you may storm the town.


In order for Troy to be completed, the player must engage in a siege of the city. We’re going to have to put up a serious fight! An incredible amount of time and effort is put into replenishing the units she has lost. However, there is a stipulation. Poseidon lashes out against Troy on a regular basis, demolishing a few structures and, most crucially, walls. And now is the greatest time to strike at the city!

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