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Head of 343 Industries apologizes for “offensive” Halo Juneteenth palette

Head of 343 Industries apologizes for "offensive" Halo Juneteenth palette

Juneteenth-themed cosmetics in Halo Infinite have provoked an uproar, prompting an apology from the CEO of 343.

Because of the backlash that Halo Infinite’s Juneteenth-themed character cosmetics have received, 343 Industries’ creator has issued an apology.

Juneteenth is a federal holiday observed in the United States on June 19th each year. It commemorates the day on which the Union Army emancipated the slaves in Texas on June 19, 1865, but during the 1990s, it has evolved into a more generalised celebration of emancipation and black culture as a whole.

It was initially dubbed “Bonobo” after a big ape from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in honour of Juneteenth, when the new character palette for Halo Infinite was first shown in honour of the festival. Fans and professional Halo gamers were outraged by the palette’s overtones, which they rapidly realised.

As Bradley Laws, a player for OpTic, a Halo esports squad, tweeted, “Disappointed isn’t even the term to use here.” Racism on an important holiday is like spitting in the face of black people. ” It’s horrible that things ever got this far.”

Additionally, KingJay, a Twitch streamer and member of the Built by Gamers esports squad, calls these “absolutely terrible” things.

343 Industries CEO Bonnie Ross has made an official apology in reaction to the criticism.

A word that was disrespectful and cruel was included in one of the colour options for our Juneteenth insignia, according to Ross. “An update was sent out right away by the team to solve this issue.

“As a studio and a brand, we are dedicated to fostering an environment in which everyone feels free to express themselves authentically. I regret on behalf of 343 for transforming a joyous occasion into a painful one.”

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