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A Dinosaur-Stomping Exosuit for Exoprimal

A Dinosaur-Stomping Exosuit for Exoprimal

A Dinosaur-Stomping Exosuit for Exoprimal: One-half of the problem is to survive the dinosaur invasion in Exoprimal, but that’s not all there is to it. For those who want their action-packed, Exoprimal has everything. There are supercharged Exosuits, team-based combat, and a swarm of dinosaurs falling from the skies to hunt you down and inflict havoc.

You and your allies are the only targets of these dinosaurs, which are aggressive, concentrated, and don’t fight between themselves. In addition, your team of five will face off against another team, both of whom will be fighting to fulfill objectives before their opponents to secure victory in the match. As long as you’re protected by an Exosuit, you’ll have no problem dealing with a constant barrage of raptors.

Make sure you’re picking a class that you’re both comfortable with and matches the rest of your team’s makeup before you start playing. In order to be able to take on each task, you may choose from a variety of Exosuits that are available for each of the three primary classes.

If you’ve ever played a squad-based shooter before, then you know what to anticipate from the Assault, Tank, and Support class options. Exoprimal, though, extends much beyond these three options; let’s take a closer look at each class and what to expect.

Exosuits of the Assault class.

When you choose the Assault class, you know you’re going to be the one to charge into the melee and wreak havoc. This class is ideal for gamers that want to take on the dinosaurs head-on and wipe out as many of them as possible while the rest of their squad supports them.

As an Assault class, you don’t necessarily need to dash headlong into a crowd of raptors in order to be effective. That’s entirely possible with the Zephyr Exosuit, which provides greater melee and close-quarters fighting capabilities for those who choose it. It’s also possible to use the Deadeye, which focuses on long-range fighting and slaying hordes of dinosaurs. With the Vigilant Exosuit, you’ll be more at ease with long-range combat, but you’ll still need to rely on your teammates to handle crowds.

Exosuits of the tank class

You’ll want your Tanks to be at the front of your team, absorbing the brunt of the damage and diverting attention away from the rest. There’s nothing wrong with tanks, but you don’t want a squad full of them since you’ll never make it to your objectives on time if you have a lot of them.

Tank-type Exosuits may also stop a charging dinosaur in its tracks and sometimes send it flying off, allowing your Assault class companions to tackle the overturned dinosaur. Because of its huge shield, the Roadblock Exosuit is ideal for this mission.

Exosuits of the Support class.

In addition to being a healer, the Support class is much more. Having a backup healer is important to surviving a fight with a T-Rex, but there are many additional talents a Support might use.

It’s possible to boost your team while weakening the dinosaurs, providing you an advantage over an overwhelming number of opponents. Supports can only do so much on their own; the rest of the team must do their part to protect them so they can benefit from their buffs and heals.

Classes and Exosuits aren’t the ends of the story, though. There are also a number of extra rigs that may be deployed in combat, each with a unique set of abilities. The catapult, which propels you into battle with boosted leaps, is another option. The cannon fires a strong laser that may wipe out a wave or sever a portion of a larger enemy’s health. Alternatively, the first aid kit, which creates a healing zone around you, can ensure that you’re always prepared for medical emergencies.

Staying together is the most crucial thing to follow when exploring the various Exoprimal Exosuits and Rigs. There are no solo missions in this game, and the dinosaurs will be fast to take down anybody who rushes ahead without the support of their teammates. The Exoprimal Closed Network Test will be accessible on PC in July. To find out when registration for the test opens, follow the official Exoprimal Twitter account for updates.

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