Starfield bugs are literally turning heads

Starfield bugs are literally turning heads

Starfield bugs: For the most part, bugs are unavoidable in life, and Starfield bugs are among the worst. During the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase, Bethesda Softworks finally gave us what we’ve been waiting for and displayed several minutes of Starfield gameplay. The first Starfield glitch was discovered while we were researching planet names and hopping religion fanatics.

As the camera pans out around what appears to be one of Constellation’s bases, the first problem is shown. You’ll miss it if you don’t look. Indeed, if you don’t zoom in, you’re still likely to overlook it entirely without doing so. There is just one sign that anything may be amiss: a shiver from the NPC character model. LotteryGamer, a Reddit member, took a closer look and noticed what appeared to be the NPC gazing backward in the conventional fashion, before getting their head stuck while their body kept going ahead.

Even more so, it has a certain appeal to it because of the timing. A character departing the complex witnesses the NPC’s head became stuck in reverse and just stares as the clip stops.

When a member noted that this was the most Bethesda thing he or she had ever seen, the rest of the community agreed.

Another person added, “That’s how we know it’s an honest gameplay video.”

At 7:50 in the trailer, you can see for yourself.

When it comes to Bethesda releases, the Starfield glitch is nothing new. A slew of flaws plagued the first release of Skyrim – including a broken quick travel system and a bug that had everyone wear baskets on their heads – when it was initially released in 2011.

While we don’t know what other unexpected benefits “head stuck on backward” can provide in Starfield, it’s probably not the final glitch we’ll see from the space RPG.

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