Secret trick to Surviving Warzone Semtex

Secret trick to Surviving Warzone Semtex

Secret trick to Surviving Warzone Semtex : All the perks, sights, and under-the-barrel attachments in Call of Duty: Warzone make it possible to build an almost limitless variety of weapons. The Semtex stick, on the other hand, is a certain way to turn a thrilling fight royale into a frustrating ordeal in a matter of ticks.

When someone throws the Semtex at you, you’re effectively out of the game because the Semtex sticks to any surface it touches, leaving you with only two options: run toward the opponent and hope to take them down, or flail around in circles, pressing buttons to try and rip your character’s pants off. Halo: Combat Evolved and those hours of laughing at the Grunts as we threw plasma grenades at them felt like payback for this.

With the recent discovery of a new Warzone exploit, instadeaths caused by Semtex are no longer a concern. A cool mind, fast reflexes, and a riot shield are all you need.

When an opponent launches Semtex at you, raise your riot shield and let the Semtex attach to the shield’s front. The riot shield must be removed from your inventory as fast as possible. Normally, you’d open your inventory by pressing tab, cycle to riot shield, and then click the drop option, but that’ll take far too long. Instead, you may assign ‘drop weapon’ to a distinct key in Warzone’s controls.

Semtex sticks fall from shields and settle on the ground when they are dropped. There will be no time to flee therefore your reflexes will come in handy – you must swiftly grab your shield and hoist it back up in order to protect yourself from the Semtex. Texugo, the Redditor who discovered the method, gives a video and other examples of it being perfectly executed.

When your opponents see you walk away from a one-hit kill, their short moment of terror provides you the opportunity to switch to your gun and deal out some retribution. Alternatively, you might use Semtex to further enhance the poetic effect.

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