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Dune Spice Wars multiplayer update is coming “very soon”

Dune Spice Wars multiplayer update is coming "very soon"

Dune Spice Wars multiplayer update is coming: The war for the desert planet Arrakis is about to heat up, as the Dune: Spice Wars multiplayer release date was just confirmed at the PC Gaming Show – and the strategy game will get battles for up to four players later in June.

Recently developer Shiro Games confirmed in its Dune: Spice Wars roadmap for 2022 that the real-time strategy game’s multiplayer update would hit sometime in summer 2022, but with nothing more exact than that. Well, it’s indeed coming “very soon” – June in fact. Multiplayer support is confirmed for up to four players in free-for-all battles, two versus two, and full co-op against AI factions. There will also be “new synergy systems” to open up more strategic options, too.

This is a breaking story from the Xbox and Bethesda showcase broadcast at Summer Games Fest on June 12, 2022. Further details may be added shortly as they become available, and as PCGamesN works to bring you all the latest announcements from Summer Game Fest and all its associated shows in the timeliest possible fashion.

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