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Will the PC version of Demon’s Souls be released?

Will the PC version of Demon's Souls be released?

PC version of Demon’s Souls: Sony has admitted that the introduction of Demon’s Souls for PC was a mistake, but we believe it could still happen.

In 2020 or 2021, the Demon’s Souls remake was the primary driver for the purchase of a PS5. Over a year after its first release, we’re still wondering: will it ever be released on the personal computer? Following a State of Play event announcement that seemed to indicate that Demon’s Souls might be coming to PC, Sony clarified that it was not at the time. However, Sony has released or announced a number of PC ports since that time, including Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Could we expect to see Demon’s Souls at a convention like Summer Game Fest or the State of Play in the near future?

While we wait to hear if the PC version of Demon’s Souls is coming, here’s all we know about the upcoming remake.

The Nvidia leak suggests that Demon’s Souls PC is a real possibility.

According to a list of games in Nvidia’s GeForce Now database released in September 2021, many of Sony’s upcoming titles were included. Though the games listed by Nvidia were purported to be speculations, information on ten of them has subsequently surfaced. Of course, some of the names on the list may be changed before they’re made public, but the list itself appears to be authentic. Demon’s Souls is Sony’s huge game in this segment.

Returnal, Ghosts of Tsushima, Ratchet & Clank, and Horizon Forbidden West are just a few more. All of them appear to be headed for the PC. However, Demon’s Souls is the title on that list that has us the giddiest. It’s possible that 2022 is our year.

The original PC announcement of Demon’s Souls was a misstep.

It was a pleasant surprise for PC gamers to see an “Also available on PC” remark at the very end of the State of Play Demon’s Souls trailer. It didn’t take long for PlayStation’s YouTube channel to remove the clip. It was later revealed that the “human error” (opens in a new tab) that appeared at the end of the trailer on computers was really a reference to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, which will be available only on the PS5.

Sony declined to elaborate further when asked if Demon’s Souls would ever be released on PC. A PC version of the game appears to be possible, but Sony wants everyone to be enthusiastic about its new console at the moment. Even if there are no PC plans at this time, anything can happen.

The first proof that Demon’s Souls may be heading to PC was provided by Nvidia’s leak above, and so far it’s had a pretty strong track record. I think it’s more of a question of when, rather than whether.

Check out these stunning trailers for Demon’s Souls.

September’s PS5 showcase showed off a gorgeous preview of how Demon’s Souls will look and play when it launches on PS5. Sony withdrew the PC announcement, which makes it even more depressing.

After Sony pulled the trailer from its official channels and reuploaded it with the message removed, a version of the clip that was posted by Gamespot still features a PC announcement at the conclusion. It wasn’t a hoax! We couldn’t have dreamed it up.

The Armor Spider and Flamelurker boss fights and exploration may be shown in this new gameplay trailer.

The secret door to the remake of Demon’s Souls has been unlocked.

Apparently, Bluepoint has tacked on an easter egg to its Demon’s Souls remake. New, strange doors were swiftly discovered by the players. They’ve discovered that something is hidden inside the camera’s photo mode, but how to get to it remains a mystery.

Distortion2 ultimately solved the mystery after a long period of investigation by a group of committed gamers. The secret isn’t exactly as thrilling as fans had hoped, but it’s still a fun addition.

More PC ports are being considered by Sony.

Sony’s blunder is even odder because the corporation has expressed interest in more PC versions of its console exclusives as recently as August 2020. Sony’s 2020 corporate report notes, “We will investigate expanding our 1st party titles on the PC platform in order to foster further growth in our profitability.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s (opens in new tab) PC adaptation was Sony’s first major foray into the PC market in August. Other signs point to the possibility of a PC version of The Last of Us 2(opens a new tab) as well as a future release of Media Molecule’s Dreams (also opens a new tab). It’s disheartening that Sony is keeping quiet regarding Demon’s Souls since it appears that nothing is off-limits for the studio.

A huge hit on consoles, the game is almost destined to be a blockbuster hit on PC as well. Even if this is true for all of Sony’s first-party titles, there is abundant evidence to suggest that the RPGs developed by From Software have a significant following. As of this writing, the initial Dark Souls game has sold millions of copies on PC, and the franchise has only grown larger.

Demon’s Souls was never released on the PC, so what gives?

As compared to the Dark Souls series, Demon’s Souls was developed and distributed by From Software and Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio, rather than Bandai Namco. Sony, presumably, owns the intellectual property, and until lately, they haven’t released any of their games on the PC platform. Because of this, only the PS4 version of Bloodborne is available.

Bluepoint Games appears to be working alone on this new Demon’s Souls edition, with no help from From Software. It’s possible to play the original through emulation (opens in a new tab) with substantially enhanced resolution and framerate even if the remake never gets a PC release.

$70 might be the price if it does come to PC.

For the PS5 version, that’s how much it costs The $60 price point for new games may be coming to an end, as companies have been steadily dipping their toes towards a $70 price point. Even if PC games don’t get a significant discount, there’s always the next Steam sale to look forward to.


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