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The Iron Banner daily challenge in Destiny 2

The Iron Banner daily challenge in Destiny 2

The new Iron Banner questline has a perplexing phrase that needs to be cleared up. Do you need help figuring out what the daily Iron Banner challenges in Destiny 2 are called? Vaults Forge, as Lord Saladin is now known to his Cabal allies, is back at the tower with his massive flame ring. When it comes to finishing the new Iron Banner quest though, there is one additional piece of information that can be a little tricky to grasp. Iron Banner’s daily tasks are a fantastic illustration of Bungie’s penchant to create needlessly complicated objectives by simply using the wrong terminology.

Find out where to find the Calus Bobbleheads(opens in new tab) on board Leviathan if you’ve just started Season of the Haunted, or where to find Opulent Chests and how to use Opulent Keys(opens in new tab) to open them if you have. What that quest urges you to do is complete an Iron Banner daily challenge, and here’s why.

Learn how to finish the Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily quest.

The Iron Banner daily challenge in Destiny 2

The Iron Banner daily tasks’ ambiguity is largely due to the quest description’s word choice, which is standard fare for Destiny. When you hover over the Iron Banner action in the Crucible area of destinations, you’ll see the daily challenge mentioned. The phrase “daily bounty” has been misunderstood by many individuals, including me.

With only two subclass options to choose from for the Iron Banner daily challenge, it’s easy to become bogged down. In order to progress further in the new Iron Banner quest, you must complete this task.

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