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‘The biggest update to gunplay since launch’ comes to Rust

biggest update to gunplay

gunplay: Although it’s not much, the game is now more welcoming to novices. Rife survival sim Rust issued one of its most significant upgrades in recent memory yesterday that made wide changes to the game’s gunplay. The majority of gamers appear to have appreciated the improvements (even if some of those players seem happy mainly because the update will make other players unhappy).

Facepunch claims that the biggest change is a reduction in gun recoil, which they say will benefit players who have the advantage of getting the drop on their opponents, but will make things more difficult for those who “could spend thousands of hours training their aim, or morally bankrupt individuals who would choose to use scripts to gain an advantage. The longer you press the trigger, the less accurate the weapon becomes due to a gradient-based aim drift replacing pattern-based recoil.

Improved combat features include crosshairs, a ‘hit cross’ that shows in the center of your sights when you hit an adversary, and better blood splatters on your screen to help you track where an attacker is shooting you from. Newcomers will be met with the same level of disrespect as pigs being slaughtered in an abattoir by this new feature.
The most notable addition in this release is a new ammo mixing table, which allows you to batch-craft basic munitions in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Hapis Island, an iconic but unstable map that was removed a little over a year ago following a big graphics update, is also returning as part of the update. The desert in the south of the map has been enlarged and a few outlying islands have been added to the map.

'The biggest update to gunplay

My return to the game will be determined by whether or not my friend is still tearing out his hair after every three-day Rust binge and doubting whether or not he’s still enjoying it after hundreds of hours played. This all sounds amazing. Hope this update provides him some relief from his tumultuous connection with the game…

Theodore Zak

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