Since E3 2021, games have been absent

Since E3 2021, games have been absent

Since E3 2021: The last time we saw them was a year and a half ago. What’s going to happen in June?
Even if E3 isn’t held in 2022, we’re still in for a major summer of gaming announcements. There is a slew of new announcements, but what about the ones made last year? There are few no-shows that jump out when we take a look back at what was announced some 360 days ago.

The following are 10 games that have remained under the radar since the E3 2021 press conference. Our best judgment is that they won’t be making a return this summer, but here are the reasons why they’re so important and our best guess as to whether or not we’ll see them again in the near future.

Frontiers of Pandora in Avatar

Created By: Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft Düsseldorf, and Ubisoft Shanghai, among others
Publisher: Ubisoft Platforms: PC PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Stadia Luna Luna

James Cameron’s long-awaited sci-fi sequel should enter theatres in December, possibly accompanied by a game developed in conjunction with it by Ubisoft. Although it looks and sounds great, the first trailer contains nothing that looks or sounds like actual gameplay. In keeping with Ubisoft’s custom, development for The Division is split among three huge companies, one of which being Massive Entertainment, a team based in Sweden. I’m cautiously optimistic because of their solid track record. After all, giant smurfs on extraterrestrial dinosaurs battling space soldiers and mechs is a formula that begs for a great game.

What are the chances of the Navi returning to the woods? Although it’s possible that Ubisoft may be delaying the advertising blitz until closer to launch, they’ve never shied away from showcasing their most expensive projects.


Applicant: Arkane
Currently published by Microsoft-owned Bethesda Softworks
PC, Xbox X/S, and Xbox One.

Last year, the first trailer for Redfall made a big impression. Even if it was just a pre-rendered hype reel, it gave us a glimpse into the world of this cooperative vampire-slaying shooter. The characters were instantly recognizable, the dialogue was amusing, and some of the unusual powers on display were intriguing. Arkane, in my opinion, is unbeatable at immersive simulations, therefore I’m all for them trying their hand at a co-op multiplayer game. As far as we know, nothing has changed in the last year, other from a leak hinting that it will be a little more like Borderlands than Left 4 Dead. Even so, I’m holding out hope that we’ll see more of it in the coming year.

As an Arkane game that is critically acclaimed yet undersold, it has a good chance of returning. There is no doubt that Microsoft’s showcase is the best place to get the word out about the game’s upcoming release, especially because it will be available on the Game Pass service from the beginning.

Mr. Harold Halibut (pronounced:

Publishing and development by Slow Bros., for PC only.

One of the best independent films of the year. For over a decade, I’ve been working on Harold Halibut, a point-and-click adventure set on a sunken colony spaceship. A stop-motion world that would seem right at home in an Aardman film doesn’t necessitate raytracing. Outside of a brief appearance at the Slamdance film festival, the developers haven’t said a word. Art of this caliber can’t be rushed, though. What have a couple more months if they’ve already taken ten (now eleven) years?

Fifty/fishy chances of a successful return. Assuming the production isn’t faltering, I wouldn’t be shocked to see this project continue in a quiet mode for a little longer.

The Second War of the Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment is the developer.
Microsoft is the publisher.
At the very least, this will be available on PC and Xbox.

Aside from the announcement and a short (but sassy) CG teaser, The Outer Worlds 2 was a pleasant surprise to hear about during the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo. As far as Obsidian’s social media presence goes, this one has been kept under wraps, with no mention of the new star system, new crew, or new outer worlds. Regardless of what happens, it’s safe to say that this won’t be coming to PlayStation 5.

Always wager on Spacer’s Choice for the best odds of returning! The game is unlikely to be released in 2022, but a glimpse of an early gameplay video during one of Microsoft’s showcases this summer seems like a fair bet.

Strategies of the Metal Slugs

Like Studio is the company behind this application.
DotEmu/SNK is the publisher.
PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

Even if it’s a little unconventional to transform an arcade classic into a turn-based tactics game, I cannot deny my deep and abiding enthusiasm for this one. I’ve spent far too much time and money on the Metal Slug series at arcades over the years to turn away. Having some great sprite art in the trailer, which recreates the bouncy SNK arcade-style in a new isometric perspective, also helps. Except for the announcement that it will be arriving at the Nintendo switch in 2022, not much else is known about this game.

The chances of this one returning are so slim, that we’ve decided to use the rocket lawn chair as a waiting device. We should expect to see more gameplay videos as long as the game is still aiming for a 2022 release date. The remake of R-Type Tactics, on the other hand, is going up against Leiker.

A Gun-Toting Wizard

A Galvanic Games creation.
Digital Devolver Publisher: PC/Nintendo/Switch

As of this writing, we have only heard the catchy title and seen a stylish trailer. Isometric survival action RPG with gun-slinging magicians is all we know about it. Don’t Starve looks a lot like this, but it’s a lot more action-packed. With so much highly corrosive hot lead available, why bother with Melf’s Acid Arrow? In spite of Devolver’s habit of making surprise announcements, this one is still expected to be released in 2022.

‘Likely’ is the Orb of Pondering’s recommendation for a return. This is the kind of game I can picture being unceremoniously released in the thick of NotE3 festivities.

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