Elden Ring – Divine Tower of Caelid

Elden Ring - Divine Tower of Caelid

Elden Ring: Are you trying to figure out how to get to Elden Ring’s Caelid Divine Tower? If you’ve done any exploring in the rot-infested area, you’ve probably seen it—hard it’s to miss. It’s one thing to know where it is; it’s quite another to go to the top and activate your Great Rune.

All of Elden Ring’s Divine Towers are linked to the Great Runes you get from Shardbearers in the Lands Between, except for Liurnia. Examples include Godrick’s run, which is activated by the Limgrave Divine Tower(open in new tab), and Radahn’s run, which is activated by Caelid’s Divine Tower[link]. It’s not as simple as stepping through the front door, so this tutorial will help you through the process of getting inside. Follow these directions in order to reach The Tower of the Caelid in the city of Elden Ring.

Caelid Divine Tower’s route to the top.

Elden Ring - Divine Tower of Caelid

Location: Dragonbarrow, northern region; Divine Tower of Caelid, southern region. It’s possible to get here via the Bestial Sanctum to the north, or by completing the riddle in Sellia, Town of Sorcery, and overcoming the barrier. Regardless of how you get there, the nearest Site of Grace is located immediately to the southwest of the tower.

In Dragonbarrow West, you can get to the tower by going to the Site of Grace and then looking for the huge tree branch that clings to the side of the building. Using Torrent’s branch, hop across to the platform with the ladder. Be ready to deal with an opponent with a torch when you land in this area.

Ascend the rungs of the ladder and make your way to the stone archway on your left. Make your way across the archway to the left, and if necessary, jump over the gap in the masonry by using Torrent. There is a Site of Grace at the top of a platform with another ladder on the other side, so keep climbing.

To get to the top of the tower from the Site of Grace, take the stairs to the left (or west) and the lift to the right (or north). The Two Fingers to trigger Radahn’s Great Rune can be found here.


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