V Rising is More than Vampires in Valheim

Vampires in Valheim: They’re both, on the other hand, good at keeping me entertained until the wee hours of the morning. With the release of V Rising this week, the survival game and the top of the Steam best-sellers list were joined by a newcomer. Instantaneous analogies to Valheim were not altogether unjustified. Two new early access survival romps, each with its own unique twists, both with successful launches. The way in which they go about surviving, on the other hand, is very different.

Despite the increasing invasions and gigantic bosses in Valheim, you can still have a quiet day with your friends and build a cosy Viking town if you so desire. It took me a long time to build the perfect chimney in my first Valheim session. Pigs were raised by me. I made some new friends in the form of bees.

For the first few minutes of V Rising, I roamed around the graveyard slaying the undead, and then I moved to a forest where I slaughtered armies of warriors and poachers, started building my fortress, and built a blood altar.

V Rising is a more aggressive survival game, merging the vision and fighting sensibilities of isometric action RPGs with familiar crafting and collecting loop. There is a lot of crafting and building to do. A magical ranged attack, supernatural dash speed, and the ability to replenish health from a stolen blood pool are all at your disposal straight out of the gate in a fast-paced slaughter.

When your enemies are near to death, it’s time to feed! There’s more to dinner than just how much food you eat. Blood from various foes might have varying effects on you, and the quality of the blood is another consideration. So, while animals can grant you benefits such as increased speed or resistance to the sun’s damaging rays, you must consume plasma from creatures with higher tiers in order to receive the more potent effects.

Cooking systems in other survival games, or at least their advantages, can be simulated in an interesting way for a character that drinks blood instead of eating bread. While waiting for my campfire or stove to burn some food is tedious, draining foes of their blood is far more exciting.

V Rising’s attitude to environmental threats is likewise influenced by the vampiric curse. In most survival games, you’re at risk of being caught out in the elements, or worse, the night itself. When visibility is at its lowest and monsters are on the prowl, this is the worst time. However, you are the monster this time around, and the night is your ally. You need to be concerned about the sun. If you’re out of the shade for more than a few seconds, you’ll start to feel the effects of sunstroke.

V Rising is More than Vampires in Valheim

It’s a significant challenge, but it’s not insurmountable because of how much of the game is like this. To avoid the heat, you can simply wait it out in your coffin until the sun sets, but if you don’t mind a little bit of a challenge, there are still ways to get some work done during the day, especially in an area with trees that provide shade. In the long run, you’ll come up with various ways to deal with it, such as consuming some high-quality meats.

A quest for an alpha wolf, one of the encounters that offer you additional vampiric skills, was hampered by the sun’s glare. This time, unlike in Valheim, there was a quiet showdown with a wolf that was just marginally larger and tougher than the average. Because he only came out of his den during the day, it was a huge difficulty for us to find him. It was the glare of the sun that was torturing me for so long. A few failures, in the beginning, helped me learn the den’s shadow patterns, which allowed me to position myself in a secure area as I awaited my prey.

Even if the wolf itself was a letdown, I’ve encountered far larger and more difficult-to-kill creatures. In the forest where I’ve established my home, giant stone guardians and ents watch over me, but I’ve been unable to harm them yet. They’re just too big and powerful for this level of competition. As a reminder, levelling up isn’t about accumulating experience points, but rather the strength of your equipment. You can level up your character by making new armour, weapons, and other gear.

While the crafting isn’t really “lord of the undead” in nature, I appreciate the way in which the game’s ARPG sensibilities have influenced gathering. In place of a simple, dull axe, for example, V Rising provides you with twin axes that look like they were built for slicing through your adversaries. However, this is not the case. Even while they can be used in combat, their primary purpose is still the assassination of trees. In reality, you don’t chop them. You’re the one doing the fighting. Although the outcome is the same, I much enjoy the animation in this style because it depicts battle rather than gathering.

Even though your crafting and construction projects will require you to put in a lot of effort early on, you’re only a few swings away from obtaining resources in their hundreds in the early game. Everything moves along at a leisurely pace, even the combat.

I’m still a novice at this. My castle consists of merely a few walls and a few pieces of garbage, but I built it inside some ancient ruins, which lends it a sense of grandeur. I also have some other vampiric powers, such as the ability to turn into a wolf, which makes travelling across the world a little easier, but there are many more to discover.

Even though I’m still in pain after playing all night, I’m glad that the Valheim parallels were a little overdone. However, I love Valheim, but it does exactly what I’m looking for in a survival game. However, this may have the same appeal as the original. A co-op date is on the horizon for me, and I can’t wait to wreak havoc with my pal by my side.

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