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Download Jak II for free

Download Jak II for free

Download Jak II for free: When Jak and Daxter and Samos, their guardian and Samos’ daughter, show off the Rift Rider and the Precursor Rift Gate that they found in the previous game, Samos is clearly impressed. An ominous atmosphere and a gigantic monster materialize when the Rift is activated. The Rider is launched through the gate and past the monster by Jak. Jak and Daxter, who were separated from Keira and Samos, arrive in Haven City, a dystopian metropolis infamous for its racial segregation and oppression. When they arrive, they are separated, and the city’s Krimzon Guard seizes Jak. During Jak’s confinement, the city’s overlord, Baron Praxis, conducts Dark Eco experiments on him. Operation: Dark Warrior, a project that involved injecting inmates with dark eco in order to give them superhuman skills for use in Haven City’s struggle against animalistic creatures known as Metal Heads, was carried out on Jak and other prisoners in the city jail. Jak, the only survivor of the tests, is transformed into a lethal monster by a combination of mental and physical alteration.

Jak II: How to Download and Install

You’ll be taken to UploadHaven if you click the Download option below.
Click the blue “download now” button after waiting five seconds. Wait for the download to complete before continuing.
Right-click file and select “Extract to” from the context menu. (You’ll need 7-Zip, which you can download here.)
When you open the Jak II folder, launch the pcsx2-1.6.0-setup application and follow the onscreen instructions. Configure the system for the first time (If you already configured the emulator, skip to step 5). Selecting a BIOS rom will be an option presented to you. You may now see an empty folder by clicking on the ‘Open in Explorer’ button. Make a copy of all of the files in the ps2 bios folder by selecting and copying them. Choose “Copy Link Location to Empty Folder” and then click “Paste.” The list of available BIOS languages will be refreshed when you click on the ‘Refresh list’ button. After selecting ‘USA,’ click FINISH to complete the process.
After that, the game can be started:
CDVD -Select ISO in CDVD-Iso Selector Navigate to the location where the ‘Jak II (En, Ja) iso file is stored and choose it.
In order to do so, you’ll need to go to System > Boot CDVD and select it (full)
-Done! That’s it for now.

It’s possible to download Jak II for free.

To begin your Jak II Free Download using a direct link, simply click the button provided below. This is the complete game. Don’t forget to launch the game as an administrator when it’s installed.

You can play this game on your PC with the help of the PlayStation Emulator included with the download. The video tutorial in this post will help if you run into any issues. Don’t forget to look for the _Redist or _CommonRedist folder if you’re experiencing all issues, and install all the programs inside. The game won’t work without them.

Download Jak II for free

System Requirements

  • PS2-Emulator: Provided
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
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