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Open beta of Elden Ring’s co-op overhaul mod is now available

Co-op in Elden Ring has entered public beta today, and the mod may be downloaded from the Elden Ring Nexus(opens in a new tab).

You can’t ride your horse in Elden Ring’s cooperative play, you can’t return home after beating a boss, and you can’t help each other. Even though FromSoftware’s formula may have some transitional issues with open-world design, I believe co-op is the one area where they really fell short. To avoid having to deal with all the little “finger” objects and other annoyances, I opted to play through the game on my own on my first playing.

Open beta of Elden Ring's co-op overhaul mod is now available

Playing Elden Ring with pals has never been easier thanks to LukeYui’s mod. Because of his work on the Blue Sentinel(opens in new tab) project, which fixed security flaws in Dark Souls 3, LukeYui is well-versed in modifying the online functionality of FromSoft games.

Players can enjoy Elden Ring with friends for as long as they wish thanks to the Seamless Co-op mod’s continuous unbroken gameplay and support for several players riding their own Torrent. For those who don’t want to jeopardize their online reputations, the mod has its own launcher and connectivity, which is identical to LukeYui’s offline launcher (opens in a new tab). Keep an eye out for our first impressions, which we’ll have in the next several days.


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