Apex Legends Ranked System: Season 13 Ranked Reloaded Split Date and Maps

Apex Legends Ranked System: Do you want to know more about Apex Legends’ ranked mode? A battle royale game in which you compete against unranked people isn’t going to help you improve your abilities in this genre. As a starting point, it is recommended that you play numerous competitive matches in order to establish your ability level. You can use ranked matches to improve your skills if you’re having trouble earning points in each game.

For Ranked Battle Royale and Ranked Arenas, the points you earn are distinct; if you obtain the highest Ranked Battle Royale level, this will not affect your Ranked Arena status. Because the Apex Legends Ranked System has been revised in Season 13, you should familiarise yourself with the new adjustments to determine how they might affect your position.

You must first meet a ranking points (RP) criteria in order to rise above Bronze, the lowest rank tier. One streamer was able to go from the bottom to the top in just one session, but for the most part, this process will take weeks, if not months. Discover all about Apex Legends’ ranking system, including the several levels of ranking, punishments, and awards.


RP distribution will be changed in Season 13 as part of a major overhaul of the ranking system. It used to be possible for players to play aggressively by going after kills early on, only to die before the mid-game came around. Once a specific number of kills were achieved, you were guaranteed to receive more points than you lost. The scoring system has been tweaked to emphasize the ability of teams to survive in the field over anything else.

When it comes to murdering other players, the lower your rank, the less you’ll gain in RP for doing so. Only one RP is awarded for killing any enemy in the 14th or higher position.

Season 13 ranked split maps for Apex Legends.

Storm Point is the location of the first half of Apex Legends Season 13 Ranked Battle Royale.

The split date for Season 13 of APEX Legends was announced today.

On May 10th, 2022, the first Apex Legends Season 13 Ranked Split split began.

Everyone’s rank is halved as a result of the split, which means you’ll fall to a lower level. For example, a Gold-ranked player could find themselves back in Silver.


With the exception of the Master and the Apex Predator, all of the ranks in Apex Legends are broken down into four tiers: IV through I (excluding Master and Apex Predator). Each tier has an RP requirement that must be met before you may advance. Players must pay to participate in a ranked game with RP when the Rookie tier was created in Season 13.

Distribution of APEX Legends’ Battle Royale Rating Points (RP Points) has been ranked.

A multiplier grows in accordance with the number of kills and assists each player earns per match, therefore the amount of RP each player receives is governed on their position in the rankings. Season 11 introduced a new emphasis on kills and the level of the players that were assassinated. An eight-point bonus can be earned by killing another Gold player, for example. Players who kill an Apex Predator will receive an additional 20 coins. Players with higher skill levels will benefit from an increased kill and assist multiplier of seven.

If you finish a game with no kills and are below the top 10, you can lose more RP than you started with. With seven kills or assists as the winning condition, players can earn up to $250 in a single match. Underdogs can now win up to 175 RP by killing high-ranked players without having to finish in the top 10 in Season 11.


Regardless of which split a player finished in first or second place, they will all receive the same awards. You get Diamond awards if you attain Gold in the first half and Diamond in the second. A badge, a weapon cosmetic and a diving trail can be acquired if you reach Diamond or higher rating in the game. A glittering badge is yours if you maintain your season-long position in the leaderboard.



Despite the fact that Ranked allows you to play with your friends, you must be of a similar skill level to do so. The devs have enforced severe party conditions in order to fight boosters. Once you’ve reached Platinum, the difference in rank between you and your pals must be greater than one, or equal to your own.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold players are exempt from this restriction, but they are still subject to others. Bronze IV players that team up with Gold I players are forced to play in a lobby full of Gold and higher-level opponents. Despite the fact that this is a more difficult match, each player only has to spend the RP required for their rank in order to participate.


A lot of the time, you’ll find yourself taking a L because of circumstances beyond your control. The loss prevention mechanism will not affect you in these cases. In reality, if you continue and are successful in killing a few enemies before you die, you will get reputation points. Additionally, if you elect to play the match and you die without a single kill, you will not lose any RP.

Loss prevention is active in the following three scenarios:

A player’s squad gets disbanded when all of his or her teammates stop participating in the game.
It’s possible that your game has unexpectedly stopped.
Once the drop procedure has begun and the game has begun without the assistance of your teammates,
Do not play Apex Legends rated matches if your internet connection or PC is malfunctioning. While there is a loss forgiveness policy in place in the event that your game suddenly stops working, this only applies three times every season. If your game keeps crashing in the middle of a match, you will be penalised by the developers.

Penalties in APEX LEGENDS are ranked.

Abandoning a game after you’ve used up all of your loss prevention will result in penalties. Every time you start the game, you’re at risk of losing your banner. As long as you can be brought back into the play at any stage, you could be penalised for leaving early.

Leaving a rated Apex Legends match will result in the following penalties:

In this match, you’ll lose any RP you’ve gained. In addition, your RP entry fee increases, resulting in a loss of 24RP or more, based on your current rank.
For a minimum of 10 minutes, you will be unable to access any game modes.
Apex Legends’ ranked mode has been thoroughly explained in the preceding paragraphs. Are you unsure on which characters to choose? Visit our Apex Legends Tier List to see which characters are the best. In addition, we’ve compiled an Apex Legends weapons tier list that shows you which weapons are the most valuable.

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