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Aquarium Teaser Ignites Hopes for New Valorant Map

Aquarium Teaser: Riot Games, the producer of the Valorant game, is promoting the upcoming Valorant map. That’s what the new Valorant Aquarium teaser, which the developer uploaded today, appears to suggest to fans, and it may also lead to a fan theory regarding one of the multiplayer game’s most enigmatic characters.

Earlier today, a new Valorant teaser trailer was released via the game’s official Twitter account. Valiant, Riot claims, has something special bubbling up. Plan your week around Aquaria Week. There are no further specifics on when or what will be included in this Aquarium Week.

Aquarium Teaser Ignites Hopes for New Valorant Map

Since Fracture and update 3.05. were launched in September of 2021, players have assumed that a new map for the game will be revealed soon. We’ve been on update 4.09 for eight months, so a new map is long overdue. According to many reports, it is situated in Lisbon, Portugal. The teaser does seem to confirm one popular notion about Valorant agent Omen, however.

Octopus disguises have long been speculated about Omen, which Riot sort of denies. There is no way to know what to trust now that the central octopus in the Aquarium teaser plainly has Omen’s iconic three-eyed mask patterned on its head. In the hopes that this Aquarium week teaser will soon be revealed, we’ll keep you updated. New Valiant classes haven’t been ruled out by Riot, so that could be a factor.

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