Breakthrough, Battlefield 2042’s 128-player mode, has been removed

Battlefield 2042's 128-player mode

Battlefield 2042’s 128-player mode: Battlefield 2042’s latest patch has eliminated EA DICE’s 128-player Breakthrough mode.

You can play All-Out Warfare on current-generation platforms including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as on your PC.

DICE noted in a blog post that the removal of 128-player Breakthrough lobbies was important to “boost the importance and influence of an individual player” since they were “intense and chaotic.”

To say the least, would be an understatement. 128-player Breakthrough battles were nearly unplayable, especially at chokepoints where both teams were battling for the same goal. As a result of this, players would be spawned into many battles at once.

Despite the fact that this was a fun experience when the game first launched, it’s grown stale after six months.

“Reducing our player count here helps to eliminate some of the turmoil from the experience… [and allows players] to hold frontlines more successfully… [and] find more room to work together and fulfill their unique duties,” the developer stated.

However, while some maps, like Hourglass and Breakaway, will only be available for 64 players going forward, others, like Manifest and Orbital and Kaleidoscope, will continue to be available for 128 players in order to better accommodate the growing number of players.

The 64-player Breakthrough mode on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will continue to function as normal.

There are many other modifications and bug fixes that you can learn about in the blog article that accompanies this release.

DICE has also announced that fresh content for the game would be released next month “Currently scheduled for release in early June is Season 1, our next major upgrade. Once the game is out, we’ll be returning with a detailed review and update notes.”

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