V Rising developers make offline mode available

V Rising developers make offline mode available

V Rising : “Offline play should be available in the next couple of days, but it may be quicker,” says the developer. Stunlock Studios’ V Rising, a new survival game, is doing quite well for itself. The game about Dracula becoming a lumberjack in order to gather enough wood to restore a castle has rocketed to the top of the Steam rankings since it launched in Early Access, as is customary for survival games. At the time of this writing, it is ranked seventh on the list and has received a rating of Very Positive from users.

However, internet connectivity has been cited as a point of contention repeatedly. Playing alone on a server of one requires you to be connected to the internet, despite the Steam page’s claim that you can “Make allies or enemies online or play solo offline.” “We’ve prioritized getting this available as quickly as possible,” Stunlock said in response to inquiries regarding offline play on Discord.

V Rising developers make offline mode available

On the other hand, the devs add, “Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause individuals who can’t play right now owing to unstable internet connections or something like that. Offline play is expected to be ready in the next several days, but it may arrive sooner.”

The only thing missing from V Rising compared to other Early Access games is an offline mode. Even though there are a lot of bosses to hunt and a lot of them, it doesn’t feel like there is much else to do once you’ve completed the game’s storyline and built the perfect lair.

Griefing has already begun on PvE servers, of course, with new players’ buildings being blocked and new castles being deleted (the latter is only possible if you don’t have any blood essence in your castle heart, so keep it topped up to make sure it’s safe)


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