Learn How to Organize Your Nintendo Switch Games Into Groups

Learn How to Organize Your Nintendo Switch Games Into Groups

Organize Your Nintendo Switch Games :If you have a Nintendo Switch, this article will explain to you how to access and use Groups to organize your games. You must have the latest version of the Nintendo Switch console to access groups.

Switch: Is There a Way to Make Folders?

Yes, albeit they’re referred to as Groups on the Nintendo Switch. You can sort your game library on the Switch by genre, year of release, or any other criterion you want. However, it’s possible to overlook the Groups feature on the Switch’s Home menu because it’s tucked away there.
You can create folders on your Nintendo Switch if you have 12 or more installed software titles (Groups).

Each group can have up to a maximum of 200 titles (you can add the same game to multiple groups).

Switch: Is There a Way to Make Folders?

If you don’t have enough titles to establish groups, but still want to use the Nintendo eShop to get more, you can get free products like demos and applications. It’s possible to add demos and apps to groups.

The Groups functionality can be accessed by following these steps:

Navigate to the Home screen, then pick All Software from the drop-down box.

To access Groups, press the L button on your controller.
Right-click and select New Group.
Once you’ve selected the software you’d like to add to the group, click Next or the Add button to continue.
Arrange the order of your group’s games by pressing the A button and dragging the control stick to the appropriate layout. When you’re done, click Next.
Click OK after you’ve given the group a name.
Whenever you need to get to your group, just go to All Software and press the L button to open Groups whenever you want. To begin creating a new folder, click Create New Group in the upper-right corner.

What Are the Best Methods for Keeping My Nintendo Switch Games Organized?

There are 12 most recent games you’ve played on your Nintendo Switch, with all your other games kept under the All Software menu.

You can organize your games into categories or apply filters to adjust the order in which they appear in the All Software menu.

The All Software page can be filtered using the following steps:
The Sort/Filter menu can be accessed by opening All Software and pressing the R button.

By selecting the A button, you can select a sort and/or filter choice.
It is now possible to see your software in the new settings.

On the Nintendo Switch, where do game files reside?

By default, the Nintendo Switch’s internal memory stores all of your game files. Only the OLED version of the Nintendo Switch includes 64GB of internal storage. MicroSDHC or microSDXC cards, which may hold up to 2TB of data, are supported on all Switch models.

There is a tool called “Groups” that will list all software files currently saved on your Switch, including those that have been erased to clear up space.

This implies that not all of the books you have purchased will appear in your library, which means that you will not be able to join a group with them until you download the books once more.

On a Nintendo Switch, you may organize your games into groups.

If you have removed games from groups and want to re-add them, follow these steps.

From the Home menu, select All Software.

Select Redownload Software at the bottom of the page.
Log in to your Nintendo eShop account if you haven’t done so before.

You can re-download a title by clicking the orange Download button.

Upon completion of your download, the game will be accessible from the Groups tab.


How many games can you play on the Nintendo Switch Lite at once?

It’s possible to play any Nintendo Switch game on either version of the console. Since the Lite doesn’t have separate controllers like the standard Switch’s Joy-Cons, you won’t be able to use all of the controls, but it will still run every game.

Is there a way to remove games from your Nintendo Switch?

You can erase downloaded games that you’ve finished playing from your Switch’s memory card to clear up space. Then press the + (plus) button on the right Joy-Con and select Manage Software > Delete Software to delete the item.

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