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Greedfall 2: Dying World is Coming in 2024

Greedfall 2: Dying World is Coming

Greedfall 2: An island paradise is being colonized in Greedfall, an action RPG due out in 2019. It’s made by Spiders and released by Focus Home, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect: There are parts that are intriguing, parts that are simplistic, and altogether, we’d rate this as “sufficient,” meaning that it’s “competent enough to recommend with reservations.”

Nacon—the publisher that acquired Spiders in 2019, right before the publication of Greedfall—announced today that there will be a sequel to Greedfall, which has sold more than a million copies since its debut (which is rather good for a niche RPG from Spiders).

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A prequel, Greedfall 2 begins three years before the events of its predecessor. A character from Teer Fradee (the fantasy realm being colonized in Greedfall), who has been forced to relocate to the colonists’ home continent of Gacane (torn by war and pestilence), will play for you in this installment of Greedfall “Diplomacy, cunning or combat” is the only way you may gain your freedom, establish allies, and try to stop your home from being conquered. “


As Spiders director Jehanne Rousseau stated, “Our passion for the GreedFall universe never diminished while we were working on Steelrising.” “New continent exploration awaits in this chapter, which features more expansive and diversified landscapes than the content of the past. New friends and factions await them, and I’m hoping for exciting adventures.”

There will still be a strong emphasis on story and player choice in Greedfall 2, according to Nacon “in addition to new gameplay elements such as tactical fighting.

” This should give the “action” portion of the action-RPG more oomph, but hopefully not at the expense of the “RPG” portion, as we found Greedfall’s fighting “not really interesting.” It’s scheduled to be released in 2024 at the earliest.

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