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Fake Metal Gear Solid 5 Alpha that Hooked Preservationists Conspiracy theorists alike

Fake Metal Gear Solid 5 Alpha that Hooked Preservationists Conspiracy theorists alike

Fake Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear theorists both were surprised to see a claimed alpha build of the controversial and drastically edited game suddenly surface online, raising questions among preservationists and Metal Gear theorists alike. In typical online fashion, a person named after a horse penis appears to have engineered the prank.

In the PS3 homebrew subreddit, a now-deleted Reddit account made an intriguing claim a few days ago. They claimed to have obtained a PS3 test unit from a “family friend” who had worked on the alpha build “of a video game” in 2014, according to an archival version of the deleted post. But the included photos – reportedly taken many years ago – clearly made the game Metal Gear Solid 5 evident, and the timeline corresponded with its 2015 release. They didn’t even seem to know what game it was.

Users were quick to mock the “My dad works for Nintendo” feel of the article, but some were swayed by a possible MGS5 alpha. NeverBeGameOver, a think tank for Hideo Kojima games, and the primary gaming leaks and rumors subreddit were among the first to see the message. However, one small hitch arose: the user claimed to have sold the test device years prior. In spite of this, they claimed to have a copy of the hard drive.

Fake Metal Gear Solid 5

These PS3 hard drives are system-specific, so to access the claimed alpha, they would need to either unlock Sony’s esoteric drive encryption or hunt down the test unit they had supposedly auctioned off — both Herculean or possibly impossible, undertakings. At the very least, one user claimed to know the serial number of the test device they’d sold, however they said they couldn’t share it because doing so would put their family friend in jeopardy. As a result, the quest for Metal Gear Solid aficionados began.

A decoy device 

It should have, at the very least. Twitter user Miles, who runs the YouTube channel Hikikomori Media, tweeted about the stranded alpha build on May 16, hoping someone would be able to pry it open. Hundreds of curious onlookers and preservationists flocked to the event, aware of the futility of the project but ready to give it a shot anyhow. FromSoftware detective and PlayStation modder Lance McDonald even briefly got engaged in the quest.

It was unfortunate that the build and all of the posts linked to it vanished overnight, and soon after the user behind the farce was unmasked. In order to get a hold of how this catastrophe developed and then imploded so swiftly, we contacted Miles.

A decoy device 

“CBOMB’s tale has given me access to numerous preservationists. To help this man out, I assumed I’d try to get one of my friends involved in the scene “Tells GamesRadar+, he says. The message did appear wobbly, but Miles insists that he “sincerely wanted to help this stranger and the wider gaming community.”

“As a piece of media of historical importance to Metal Gear, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. This is a prized possession. It was worth the risk of damaging my reputation to take this course of action.”

Even after the original Reddit post was removed, Miles and a few others were able to continue their investigation. As of this writing, “we were still holding out hope to help them get this data saved and start a campaign to locate the lost test kit,” he said. “Several people from the Metal Gear community, game preservation societies, and other YouTubers volunteered their time and talents.”

It was a deception set up by a man named The Hung Horse, Miles claims, “one of the Metal Gear guys told me about it early on.”

The Hung Horse 

The Anti-Nuke Gang, allegedly commanded by The Hung Horse, has argued that the disarmament event connected to Metal Gear Solid 5’s nuclear weapons is actually difficult to pull out, according to a new Did You Know Gaming video that aggregated findings and hypotheses from Metal Gear Solid 5 enthusiasts.

While The Hung horse is well-respected among its peers, Miles notes that it is also “renowned for intricate pranks.” “I was told HH fell silent when he was pressed on this thread using my tweet,” he says, implying that the post came from someone else at the time.

Things spiraled out of control after that. For The Hung Horse, he obtained deleted Twitter DMs as well as screenshots of Discord discussions, which he shared with the rest of us. According to the user, he was “the individual who wrote the Reddit thread” and requested that all references of the test unit’s serial number be removed from the web.

“You need to understand that I made a mistake by posting it,” I said. TheHungHorse’s messages on Discord are being read. It was because of that tweet that I contacted you last night and gave you those texts.” You know it’s not real? When you shared a phony photo of yourself on my server, it was the same way. The inspect element can be used by anyone. Infinite Heaven and certain HxD techniques were employed to create those visuals.

To test Metal Gear players, the statement adds, “It was all an elaborate ploy. My sincere apologies go out to everyone I have offended. Initially, I was curious to see if people would react similarly to the rumor of a third chapter, and to my surprise, they did.

If there is an undiscovered alpha version of Metal Gear Solid 5, it won’t be found in the shadow of the horse penis of The Hung Horse.

This was a poor method for Hung Horse to request aid in finding the test kit if the alpha was real. That’s what Miles says about the fake. “I was ready with a whole preservation squad. Willing to assist with the deletion of the hard drive and the comparison of serial numbers… The preservation of the alpha was foremost in my mind during this process. It was all a coincidental side effect.

Although it seemed doubtful, this alpha may have been a game-changer for Metal Gear Solid’s fans, even if they had never heard of it before. Even though a fake has previously discouraged game theorists and preservationists, Miles is confident that it will have no effect on the Metal Gear Solid fandom’s unquenchable thirst for additional information on what The Phantom Pain might have been. After the hoax’s debacle, the Reddit cross-posts claiming that the original allegation was true are still updated: The truth may come out one day, but for the time being, I invite you to look at what is known and form your own opinion.

The ‘Phantom’ gaps have been filled by several people, according to Miles. “There are millions of fans who hold this dead franchise dear, and it ended on a sour note. That missing piece’, I believe, was this alpha. I’m not giving up hope. I’ve seen what the preservation community is capable of accomplishing. ‘ When we least expected it, they’ve unearthed a trove of missing media.”

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