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Apex Legends Newest Legend not Coming to PC

Apex Legends Newest Legend not Coming to PC

Apex Legends Newest Legend: Fade, the latest Apex Legends hero, has arrived. As with Tracer Overwatch’s tactical ability, his ult may transport teammates and foes to a parallel dimension, and he obtains a speed boost after sliding, making him a phase-powered mercenary. Also, he wears a skull mask pulled straight from the Call of Duty series, and he’s unlikely to ever be playable on PC or console.

That’s a significant point. That should have been the first line.

After a months-long soft launch, Tencent’s Lightspeed Studios contributed to the development of Apex Legends’ mobile edition, which officially launched this week. Developed from the ground up, Apex Mobile is built on a unique engine with its own set of features and modes (a shockingly more involved firing range and team deathmatch among them). However, the game’s first mobile Legend was stealthily revealed in the game’s launch video.

Apex Legends Newest Legend not Coming to PC

According to official statements from Respawn, Fade will only be available on mobile devices. Dotesports claims that his equipment was primarily created for mobile use and would need considerable reworking before it could be implemented in the main game.

Even his mechanics appear to be based on this mobile-specific design. Fade’s aesthetic appearance feels more generic to Apex Mobile’s new target demographic, to the point that he’s already being mistaken for a character from Hi-Rez Studio’s Rogue Company.
Bringing Fade (or any future mobile legends) to PC isn’t off the table for Respawn. In contrast, the new Legend didn’t have the customary buildup and two mythology films to explain who he was and why we should care before he showed up with a truck full of shields in this season’s plot.

“Surging forward!” is all Fade says every 15 seconds while wearing an edgy mask. There’s a chance that Apex’s portable legends may one day be included in the main game. Assuming this happens, I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t come across like a last-minute addition to a cast that goes to great lengths to make each character feel like a valued member of the group.

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