Vampire Survivors: Gallo Tower coffin location

Vampire Survivors: Gallo Tower coffin location

Vampire Survivors: Assuming you observe the Gallo Tower casket in Vampire Survivors, you’ll open the furthest down-the-line character to the roguelike’s diverse program, Concetta Caciotta. She has included the particularly weighty metal 0.5.2 update, and the devil bat utilizes her guitar to shred expanses of enemies absurdly. Remind me to never get on some unacceptable side of her.

Alongside new Vampire Survivors weapon advancements, we’ve additionally got a totally different weapon and two new Arcanas. However, here we’re keen on the game’s fresh out of the plastic new person, so before you can riff beasts absurdly in their thousands, you’ll have to observe Concetta’s resting place. Here’s where to observe the Vampire Survivors Gallo Tower casket.

Vampire Survivors: Gallo Tower coffin location

Vampire Survivors Gallo Tower casket area: How to open Concetta

Before you can get to Concetta you’ll have to have arrived at Vampire Survivors’ fourth stage, Gallo Tower. You do that by getting to even out 60 in the third level, Dairy Plant. When you’re there, bring forth into a match on Gallo Tower.

While you’d normally follow the question mark on your minimap towards a casket, that doesn’t work for this situation. That is on the grounds that you’ll have to track down an exceptional mirror, first. So to arrive you really want to head up from bringing forth, embracing the left half of the hall, very much like fried potato did in the video above.

Do that until you spot a mirror on a niche divider to one side — it’ll be illuminated, shimmering, and have a few bats flying close to it. Stroll into it to twist into a more modest room and kill the watchmen so you’re ready to move towards the casket and open your new person. When you finish your ongoing run or stop you can get her in return for 1000 gold.

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