The Division PS5 Version Full Game Setup Free Download

The Division PS5 Version Full Game

The Division PS5 Version Full Game Setup Free Download

Completely useless review.

In the case of The Division, reviews didn’t really matter from the start, no matter how timely they were. Yes, negative reviews turned off a few potential buyers, and rave reviews attracted a bunch of doubters, but the fate of the project was sealed long before its release. Ubisoft PR is capable of moving mountains, and even fledgling minds even more so, so for the masses of mere mortals who periodically turn on video games, but do not consider themselves “gamers”, The Division was not so much the main release of the beginning of the year as the only release. And not simple, but ideal for relaxing after a hard day: the usual shooting mechanics, a constant stream of loot, the opportunity to have fun with the same occasionally playing friends and buddies …

In general, the success of The Division is not that incomprehensible. Whether he deserves it is another question, albeit a completely meaningless one.

The Division is a normal, high-quality console shooter. It is convenient and pleasant to rush from cover to cover and shoot at enemies. Not always equally, of course – if in the first minutes after receiving a new gun, each successful shot produces the proper effect on both the player and his opponents falling dead, then a skirmish with militants who greatly surpass you in level or armor only causes irritation and boredom. Alas, this is the price of role-playing elements: the constant build-up and correct distribution of numbers is valued here at least as much as shooting and tactical skills.

But there is nothing wrong with having role-playing elements as such. Worse, the weapons and armor in The Division work entirely on the principle of the “Skinner box”: at irregular intervals, rewards fall on the player, making his character a little stronger, the player is happy and continues to perform monotonous tasks. There’s nothing wrong with using human psychology when it’s tied to something else, but not when the whole game is about chasing numbers for the sake of chasing numbers. This is not Borderlands, where the barrels were noticeably different from each other: a Kalash with 1000 damage and a Kalash with 10,000 damage are the same barrel, just knocking out a different number of zeros from enemies on impact. Of course, weapons and armor have not only basic, but also secondary properties, and the farther, the more they are hung on one gun, but do not hope

No, only the skills of the heroes that are unlocked during the leveling of the central headquarters greatly affect the gameplay. There are no complaints here: there are enough of them to last for the duration of all the story missions, and they are diverse enough so that changing one set to another, if not radically, but still refreshing the firefights.

The problem is that there is no more variety in The Division at all. Guns are of the same type and boring in their attempts at realism (realism, which still breaks into a digitally oriented role-playing system). Missions are divided into variations of the “Kill them all” concept and near-plot garbage, where the gameplay is completely absent. The enemies are so identical that no realism can excuse this: we are talking about a game where the helicopter is made not only by the boss (which is in itself unforgivable in its banality), but by the final bossThe situation is so dire. Somewhere in the middle of the passage, the game comes to life for a short while, I change simple gopniks with guns to psychos with flamethrowers, but it soon turns out that this was the only idea of ​​the authors, and bandits with machine guns, just dressed in army uniforms, come to replace the lovers of “annealing” again.

And yet, contrary to what the haters will tell you, the sameness does not make The Division a bad game. Ubisoft knows how to build quality products, create a pleasant gameplay basis and virtual worlds that make you want to travel. All this is here – and even with the possibility of cooperative passage.

No, monotony prevents The Division from being a great game. Add here a portion of really different guns and gameplay-changing abilities, increase the number of enemy types by ten times, come up with missions that will not be an excuse to clear the next location from the next waves of mobs, and voila, the masterpiece is almost ready. To complete the picture, all that remains is to do something with the script, but this is the only element of the game where the problem is in terrible quality, and not in small numbers.

I would like to believe that we are dealing with a situation in the spirit of Assassin’s Creed, when the first game laid a high-quality basis, and the second diversified it properly and brought it to mind. If so, then The Division should have been born just to pave the way for a great sequel to follow. In the meantime, this is just a beautiful, frankly console shooter with shelters, which is nice to play together with friends. But if you are thinking of playing alone, then you can safely reduce the rating from “Game” to “Sterile”. Least.

PS Someone may be surprised by the lack of references to the “Dark Zone” in the text. Well, it’s simple: the main missions of the game, despite the mentioned monotony, are still fun to play thanks to the well-thought-out design of locations and skirmishes. The Dark Zone is just a big fenced area with heavily armored mobs constantly resurrecting, and it’s very, oh, very boring to play there. And for shootouts with real people, there are dozens of specialized shooters with much better balance and a variety of modes.

The Division PS5 Version Full Game Setup Free Download


                                                    Here’s How to Install the Game?

Follow All Steps Given

  1. Click on the “Download Game” button to start Installation.
  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.

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