Among Us Download PC Game Full Version Free Download

Among Us 2021.6.30 Mod Apk Download Android
Among Us Download PC Game Full Version Free Download
By using the Among US Cheat Latest Version 2021.6.30, you can open the mod menu and use the cheat features we shared.

Among Us 2021.6.30 Mod Apk Download Android

Among US Cheat Latest Version 2021.6.16 you will get many more cheat features that you will enjoy after downloading this Apk file. This Among US Mod APK works perfectly and has been tested by our trusted team and also got good answers from visitors. This article is all about Among US Mod APK, features, download and installation steps are also explained in this article. Also Android Among US Mod Menu APK version download link; shared for.

Among Us 2021.6.30 Mod Apk Download Android

Among Us Download PC Game Full Version Free Download


Among US is a game with unique gameplay. It has a space theme where the game takes place between Crewmates and Impostors. A group of four to ten players can compete in each round. A map is given to all players in the game. The main objective of the Crew Friends is to complete all the missions shown on the map and weed out all the Fraudsters. On the other hand, Impostors are tasked with killing all Crewmates, damaging in-game systems and creating total chaos.

Among US Android Apk Download

Whenever a player loses their life in the game, they instantly become ghosts. The biggest advantage that ghosts have is that they cannot be seen by other players. Yes, they become invisible. They can only be noticed by other ghosts.

Crew mates can complete each mission or finish all Impostors to win the corresponding rounds. Otherwise, quitting the game is always the option to end that round.

Crew mates can use multiple surveillance systems to identify Fraudsters. Players do not have the luxury of communicating with other players via voice chat. But there are options to text chat with each other.

  • Players can visit the lobby to adjust the game’s settings. The lobby features different types of space costumes, skins, pets and more.
  • The game also has a voting option that allows other players to vote and exclude the selected player.

A total of three maps or regions are provided for players to compete with each other.

Among Us Download PC Game Full Version Free Download


Among US Features Mod Menu APK

  • Auto Imitator Cheat. Auto Imposter Cheat, if you enable this cheat from the Among US mod menu, you will always be a cheater in the game and you can have fun with your friends.
  • Wall Trick. You can walk through the wall and walk from wherever you want, without having to find a secret way to kill or defeat the enemies.
  • Speed ​​/ Fly Cheat means you can move faster than your friends walking speed.
  • You can use this cheat by activating the cheat from the Among US mod menu.
  • No Kill Cooldown Feature. Using this Among US MOD APK will allow you to get zero kill cooldown time, which means you can do double or triple kills by yourself. This is the coolest feature you’ve cheated on MOD Menu Among Us.
  • Check out the ghosts and chat feature . Using this feature you can see Ghosts and Chats that will instantly let you know who the fraud is. If you’re a Crewmate that’s great and you’ll be the star of the crew so you’re a hero in front of your crew.
  • Among US Wall Hack Feature MOD APK . Using this cheat allows you to see through walls and obstacles and is therefore the appropriate cheat. This will even help you kill the farthest player by detecting using the 2D radar and avoiding walls and other obstacles using the wall trick.
  • Among US MOD APK Instakill Cheat. This feature helps you kill players quickly without any time delay and in this game, if you are playing the role of a fraud, it leaves the crew members uninformed before they have time to react to it.
    Among Us Lighting Cheat MOD APK
    This cheat allows you to see even when the lights are off and in many ways gives you the edge in detecting other players, crew members or fraudsters in the game.
    Unlimited Views,

Among US Hats and Pets Cheat

This Among Us MOD Menu APK also gives you unlimited skins, hats and pets so you can give your crew a little show.

The Mod Menu is opened in the Among US mod menu apk, where the player will have a mod menu with various cheats by activating which user can joke and have fun with his friends.

Among US Always Win Mode:

The best mod always wins i.e you are either Imposter or cremate but if you enable this you will always win no matter anyone vote for you or anything but by installing the Mod menu APK among Us you will always win using this mod.

Among US Cheat Latest Version Installation Guide:

  • Download Between Us from the download link below
  • Now install apk between us on android device, allowing unknown source
  • Now open the game and you will see the mod menu icon
  • Click on the mod menu icon and activate the various cheats provided in the mod menu
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