S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Lost Alpha Free Download Full Version PC Setup

STALKER Lost Alpha DC Extended (2.83) Repack / Mod by SeregA-Lus In English

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Lost Alpha Free Download Full Version PC Setup

STALKER. Lost Alpha DC Extended is a new global change for STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. Lost Alpha is one of the most popular Stalker projects in the universe, development of which began in 2008. Lost Alpha was originally aimed at bringing back the same stalker. In 2014, the first version of the amendment was published. The Exclusion Zone map has been redesigned to match the 1935 design more than the original game. The plot is based on a story about the shadows of Chernobyl. In Lost Alpha, the main character is Stalker, who does not remember anything, and in his PDA there is only one task – “Kill the shooter”. Key points carried over from the first part of the trilogy, but they have been transformed, so that each of us can relive this story, with new sensations of the passage. A large number of story lines, side quests have also been added.

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 Features of the game:

  • Added more than 60 cyclic quests to various quest givers.
  • Rebalanced all anomalies and divided into 4 groups by strength instead of 3. Now, the deeper you go into the Zone, the stronger the anomalies and artifacts that are encountered. Reduced the chance of single anomaly artifacts spawning and increased the chance for clusters. For each location, from 1 to 3 anomalous zones have been added, which give rise to an artifact after being ejected. Each zone is marked on the map the first time you visit it.
  • Reworked the mechanism for obtaining skill points. Now they are given for the accumulated experience. The more skill points you get, the more experience you need for the next skill point. In the skill window, there is a counter showing how much is left until the next one. The points for some difficult and long quests remained.
  • Permanent radiation has been added to most northern locations (starting with the junkyard), which protects the helmet, suits with high radiation protection or artifacts. At very large locations, there is no radiation, you can take off your helmet, breathe freely and sprint for a long time.
  • A lot of new respawners have been added, both with mutants and with NPCs. Added random units of clear skies, mercenaries and military stalkers to some locations. More respawn for other factions.
  • The transport was cut and the quest that was associated with it was reworked.
  • Some storyline and side quests have been redone. The leader of sin no longer takes things, but gives a reward after his quests. The quest with the hologram in X7 has been removed and replaced with something more adequate. In general, the seismic installation in the vicinity of Pripyat has been replaced with a psi installation, all the quests associated with it have been redone.
  • Several new weather cycles, rebalanced the odds of all cycles for more evenness.
  • Rebalanced merchants. Different merchants now buy and sell products of different categories at different prices. It will be more profitable for someone to sell costumes, to someone weapons, etc. The player is invited to analyze the traders himself.
  • The hood has been redesigned to be more complex and minimalistic.
  • The Master and Veteran difficulties have become more difficult, while the Experienced and Newbie difficulties have become easier.
  • The balance of the game is complicated in order to motivate the player to use artifacts, medicines, helmets and suits and their upgrades.
  • Some too light caches have been cut out; instead, many new points have been added to the location, which, however, are more hidden.
  • All fixes and updates available at the moment are built in.
  • Fixed a huge number of bugs, quest errors, inaccuracies in dialogues. There is no detailed list here, since the number of such fixes is simply off the charts.
  • Added “brain burner” effects on Radar, Cement Factory, Pripyat outskirts. The Brain Burner antennas on Radar cannot be approached (while it is working) without a good psi helmet within a radius of 300 meters, and generally not within a radius of 50 meters.
  • Some of the mods are built-in.
  • A huge number of bug fixes and crashes.
  • Correction of curves of textures, replacement of old low-quality ones with new ones. In total, about a hundred textures have been reworked or replaced.

    Plot edits:

  • The mercenaries do not attack the bar and Debt does not move to a new bar.
  • The release of the Doctor in the Dead City has been changed (less lags, less friezes, less corpses), Freedom is involved in the release.
  • The outskirts of Pripyat are now a dangerous, almost deserted place in the heart of the Zone. Freedom also helps in correcting the situation.
  • Safe zones of two types and the ability to save, sleep and use the repair kit only in them. 1st type – always safe. 2nd type – safe only if there are no enemies nearby. Some saves happen on their own, during quests or the plot.
  • Reduced the abundance of some items. Doesn’t make the game outright harder, but heightens interest.
  • Some caches are only available at low difficulty levels.
  • NPCs no longer cross locations using the same points as the main hero. In other words, you will not appear in a crowd of enemies, even if NPCs crossed at the same time as you.
  • Editing money for most NPCs (but not all). Now this is not the standard 5000, but a different (random) amount depending on the rank and tier.
  • Tool kits are now randomly located at locations, each set has from 3 to 8 likely spawn locations. For some quests, several spawn points have also been added.
  • Built-in mod for animation of objects
  • The location of the Pripyat Dungeon has been changed. Now it is more linear and not closed in a circle, it is easier to explore and easier to navigate.
  • Fixed lighting errors and optimization of the X-16 Laboratory location

    Engine edits:

  • Two console commands for optimization on very weak computers. Do not include commands unless you have serious FPS problems. There are NO these options in the menu. Console ONLY. I will not describe the technology, but roughly speaking, there is a blackout of small polygons at a distance. Each command has 4 options: off / low / medium / high optimization.
    r__optimize_static_geom for static geometry. Low optimization is enabled by default – removing only very small polygons
    r__optimize_dynamic_geom for dynamic geometry. Optimization is disabled by default. When set to “medium” and higher, some small objects will be removed completely, for example, crows will not be visible.
  • Fatigue parameter for helmets. That is, helmets also affect the rate of stamina loss. Works as a component to the suit’s power_loss.
  • Fixed double application of psi protection for all suits, arts, etc., etc. Beware, controller fights have become more difficult.
  • Changed display of parameters “satiety”, “radiation”, “restoration of psi-health”
  • Partial reload support for all weapons, both animation and sound. Everywhere there are if_exist, that is, if such parameters are not specified in the weapon config, then everything will be as before. In the mod itself, only pistols have such a reload.
  • Correction of all tutorials in the game. As a result, the bug of control freezing at low psi-health has been fixed.
  • Removing one extra command for reflections. Two identical teams turned on and off the reflections on the water, did not overlook. A shader is attached for correct operation. If you don’t put a shader, reflections will always be OFF.
  • The grass display cannot be turned off completely. A legal cheat that made the game too easy. It is still possible to reduce the radius and density, the command to turn off the grass has been removed.
  • NPCs and all sorts of objects do not disappear in doorways on the speaker. It is especially noticeable at Agroprom. This means a bug when only shadows were visible from NPCs and mutants.
  • The carousel now draws in dead bodies and tears them apart. Previously, bodies fell short of the breaking point. Perhaps other bugs related to the Carousel have been fixed.
  • Items in locations, such as a leaf on the cidor table, no longer flicker. Well, or at least not so much.
  • Zero probability of departure when NPCs leave you with an open trade or dialogue window.
  • Some minor edits, the initial graphics settings are calibrated.

    Spawn fixes:

  • Fixed problematic spawn of quest items (for example, it appeared too early, etc.).
  • Fixed huge crowds of mutants, such as a hundred boars in the North Hills. In general, groups of mutants have become smaller throughout the Zone.
  • Fixed NPC points too close to transitions, for example Monolith camps, which are close to the player’s spawn point on the Radar.
STALKER Lost Alpha DC Extended (2.83) Repack / Mod by SeregA-Lus In English

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Lost Alpha Free Download Full Version PC Setup

The original game:  of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl
release date of the original game: March 20, 2007
modification Release Date: 16 March 2020
Genre: the Action (Shooter ™), RPG, 3D
Developer: GSC the Game World
Publisher: by Michael Rast & Valerok
Language: English, Russian
Language voice acting: English
Version: 1.4007 / 2.83
Publication type: Repack / Mod
Medicine: Sewn

System requirements:

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  • Operating system: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • RAM: 6/8 GB
  • Video Card: 2 GB / nVIDIA® GeForce ™ / ATI Radeon®
  • Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
  • Free space on hard disk: 15 GB



S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Lost Alpha Free Download Full Version PC Setup

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