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Call of Duty Mobile Kicks Out 2021

Call of Duty Mobile Kicks Out 2021

For those who have the Call of Duty Mobile Kicking Out problem, we have investigated this current issue in 2021 for you. You will be very surprised to learn why the popular game, which has come to the stage of collapse, is like this. Recently, the biggest problem of CoD: Mobile players all over the world has started to be “Kidding Game”. Actually, this problem was a mistake seen in previous years, but this time the reason is quite different. You will be surprised to hear the reason and source of this situation, which has started to happen to almost every player.

Call of Duty Mobile, Activision Publishing, Inc. It is the most popular game of the Action category in the game stores of mobile devices with Android and IOS operating systems. It has a game structure that comes out with the theme of survival and then grows into FPS-based fights. Bringing the Call of Duty legend to mobile platforms, this game does not have a story-themed gameplay, it has taken the lead in a genre where online players struggle. Recently, complaints about Call of Duty Mobile Kicking Out of the Game have started to increase. In fact, such complaints have been coming from the first years of the game until this time, but this time millions of players started to encounter this situation.

Call of Duty Mobile Kicks Out – 2021

Very striking allegations began to be made about Call of Duty Mobile in 2021, there are serious allegations that the game was hacked after complaints about kicking it out of the game. It is known by everyone that CoD: Mobile, which is among the most popular action games in the world, has opponents who do not like it as well as its fans. Although it has not yet been revealed who did it, attacks on the popular game have begun. After the last attack, the game started to protect itself, and players started to see language changes. In our article called Call of Duty Mobile Language Change , we explained how you can make Turkish again the languages ​​that have changed due to these attacks.

Call of Duty Mobile Kicks Out

Call of Duty Mobile Kicks Out

The reason Call of Duty Mobile Kicks Out is not innocent this time, because the game is under serious attack. With the attacks in the form of fake users, the game servers are contracted and real players are forced to drop from the game. They are also trying to break the general structure of the game by infiltrating the game files. This situation will be resolved very soon. But in this case, all you can do is wait.

Since it is not a normal error or problem, there is nothing you can do for now. We have also reported your Call of Duty Mobile Kicks Out complaints to the technical support team and received the information that the issue is being worked on. After a while, you will be able to continue to enter the game without these problems. We are following the official statements to be made by Call of Duty Mobile and we will continue to convey the situation to you as quickly as possible.

CoD Mobile Is Kicking The Game Not The First Complaints

In the previous years, complaints such as CoD Mobile Kicking Out of the Game were made quite often. The reason for this could be some situations caused by the players. Problems with the internet connection may cause the game to crash. Or, incomplete downloads of some game files while updating the Call of Duty Mobile game could also cause complaints about being kicked out of the game while entering the match. With each new update brought from the game, steps have been taken to solve this problem. But this time, the situation is not the same as before, after the attacks on the servers and the system by unknown attackers, complaints are coming from the game.

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