Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is Free To Download On PC

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout PC Version Full Game Setup Free Install Download

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is Free To Download On PC

There is an old debate about whether video games are entertainment or art. As usual, there is no definite answer – there are enough examples confirming this or that point of view. There are those for whom games have become a lifelong pursuit that allows them to earn a piece of bread and satisfy their ambitions: esports players, creative content creators or virtual currency traders in MMOs.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout of Mediatonic is a concentrate of the most fun, what was originally a video game. Pure “fun”, despite the fact that the competitive element is at the forefront here, it is indicative that it is Devolver Digitalbecame the publisher of all this funny disgrace. The project instantly gained immense popularity, but what is the secret of success and how long will this holiday of pleasure last?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout PC Version Full Game Setup Free Install Download

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is Free To Download On PC

King of the hill
The main idea behind Fall Guys comes from old TV entertainment. Remember Fort Boyard, Big Races, or Cruel Intentions? Despite all the differences, the essence of these TV projects is approximately the same: several teams or individual participants must overcome a series of tests in pursuit of a valuable prize. Unlike official sports competitions, the rules of which are strictly regulated, in such competitions the tasks assigned to the participants and the conditions for their implementation can be very different and are limited only by the imagination of the authors of the show.

Simple examples are an obstacle course, with which a participant is trying to push huge boxing gloves, maintaining balance on a rotating circle or conquering a mountain drenched in oil. But there are options and much more impressive: bullfighting with a real bull, gladiator fights in funny costumes – the more varied and ridiculous the conditions, the more fun. It is better to keep silent about absolutely insane “challenges” from Japanese shows.

Fall guysrepresents just such a “Great Race”. Six dozen participants must reach the end of the level, which is a sophisticated obstacle course. Sometimes it is a run along a path divided by doors: some doors open from a light poke, and some are tightly locked – if you didn’t guess right, then you lost time. Sometimes – a chain of swing platforms rolling over under the weight of the runners, falling from which leads to a rollback to the nearest respawn point. And sometimes – endless running on a rotating cylinder, rich in barriers and gaps, over which you have to jump.

Those who did not have time to reach the finish line are among the first to drop out of the competition, and the rest proceed to the next test, where the race begins under new conditions. And so – until there is only one winner. Some of the levels are competitions between several groups of participants – for example, football with huge balls or collecting as many eggs scattered around the arena for your team.

There are not so many levels, but it will not be possible to thoroughly study everything at once, and each specific test requires its own tactics and “knowledge of the track”. For example, in a race with closed doors, it is better to stay slightly behind the leading group, so as not to hammer into the closed gates, but to know exactly where to run. Lagging behind, however, is also not an option – the obligatory hustle and bustle at the last open door can lead to an offensive delay for the remaining victorious places.
I’ve already played this
Or not, wait, Fall Guys is not an analogue of television shows at all, but an original embodiment of ideas spied on from other games. Here, as in Trackmania , there is one track for all participants, which is almost impossible to pass among the leaders without long training and observation of real masters who gracefully overcome all obstacles and know where to take a shortcut.

At some levels, you remember the funny browser arcade Transformice , in which it seems that everyone is for himself, but for the sake of success you need to cooperate with rivals. It’s the same here. Didn’t have time to slip through the same swing platforms alone? We’ll have to work together to tilt them in the right direction. There is nothing to say about team tests – there, without options, the group that can find a common language will win (and there is no chat, even text, even voice, here).

The appearance of the characters and the ability to hook the opponent in order to knock him down “timing” before an important jump or push him into the abyss are somewhat reminiscent of the fighting game Gang Beasts . Football levels just like the Rocket League, even though on foot and without wild speeds. And the main idea of ​​the gradual elimination of the laggards, the intricate tracks and the principle “There should be only one left” seem to be taken from the popular Marbles on Stream fun among streamers .

Shootout game

Well, at its core, Ultimate Knockout is another battle royale, very fun and taken to the absolute in its simplicity. The controls are as laconic as possible – there are enough movement buttons, two types of jump and the ability to hold objects or rivals. Nothing superfluous: no need to come up with dull tactics with an ambush while waiting for the majority of opponents to kill each other; there is no need to shoot accurately; there is no sense of wasted time that accompanies almost every drawn-out round of the grand piano.

But the last level, which should reveal the winner, is very reminiscent of those fierce battles that happen at the final stage of the narrowing of the circle in PUBG and similar ones . Everything is used – cunning and meanness, skill and luck. If there is no weapon, then we will use the environment: confusing an opponent by locking him on a piece of tiles crumbling after touching is priceless. And after all, with all the simplicity, getting the coveted first place is quite difficult – sometimes the very little luck is not enough.

The main thing is that it is incredibly fun to compete and just watch other players. The effect of the crowd, when a horde of clumsy pot-bellied men rushes towards the goal, obeying a single impulse, but at the same time constantly interfering with each other, there is something fascinating in this. Even if we do not take into account the funny situations, as a result of which the leader can instantly be among the last, and the victory depends more on chance than on skill.

Mediatonic are great fellows, since they managed to embody in one game what makes the above examples so popular. Nevertheless, it is too early for the authors to rest on their laurels. The bombing of negative reviews on Steam is not accidental at all – annoyance from Fall Guys technical problemsin direct proportion to her fame. It is not pleasant when you cannot connect to the server or, even worse, you are thrown out right during the next race. Such a rapid rise in popular love does not at all exclude future oblivion: after a while, the levels, with all their diversity, begin to get bored, and individual controversial decisions, such as team rounds with a different number of participants on each side, do not add positive emotions.

Developers need to work hard if they want to achieve sustainable success. So far, they are only actively adding various skins for the characters (there is, for example, a Gordon Freeman costume here), although after fixing network problems, the priority should be to develop new levels. It will be great if Mediatonic brings mod support to Fall Guys and gives the community the tools to create challenges on their own. Then it will be possible to say that the game will have a long life.

Pros: a variety of tests; Ease of Management; funny situations that constantly arise during the game.

Cons: Problems with network connection.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is Free To Download On PC


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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is Free To Download On PC

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