Alien: Isolation on PC gives you free and forever

Alien: Isolation on PC gives you free and forever

Alien: Isolation on PC gives you free and forever

PC players were offered completely free and forever to pick up the hit horror movie Alien: Isolation based on the Alien films. Alien: Isolation has received critical acclaim for its innovative and intense hide-and-seek gameplay.

According to Tebree, the distribution of the horror movie Alien: Isolation began in the Epic Games Store on the PC, and will last only for a limited time. In order to get Alien: Isolation from The Creative Assembly , gamers need an EGS account. Then you need to go to the application under your account, go to the distribution page and click the Get game button. After that, you just need to confirm your free order.

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Alien: Isolation on PC gives you free and forever

It should be noted that the distribution of the game Alien: Isolation will last only 1 day, until 19:00 Moscow time on December 22. Therefore, players need to hurry so as not to miss the chance to pick up the project for free in their collection. At the same time, due to the large influx of people who want to pick up the game, the Epic Games Store service on the PC may be unstable, and it will take several attempts to still pick up the game in your library.

The Alien: Isolation project has become one of 15 New Year’s giveaways that Epic Games conducts daily in honor of the New Year, Tebree reports. In the next distribution, players will be able to get free games such as Metro 2033 , Tropico 5 , Inside and many others.

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